Leer Jet & T. Brewer Present Cadillac Don - Traffickin The White


1. Cadillac Don Speaks
2. Cadillac Don-Traffickin The White
3. Cadillac Don-I'm Gettin Dough
4. Cadillac Don-Get On That H**
5. Cadillac Don-Ask About Me
6. Cadillac Don ft. Young Jeezy, Pone Boy- I'm So Gangsta
7. Cadillac Don Speaks
8. Cadillac Don ft. Pone Boy- Clean It Up
9. Pone Boy ft. Cadillac Don-Mr. OMG
10. Cadillac Don ft. OJ da Juiceman, Pone Boy-I Got Money Everywhere
11. Cadillac Don-Party On That
12. Cadillac Don- I'm Stacked Up
13. Cadillac Don-My H*** Love Me
14. Cadillac Don-Duckin Dodgin Haters
15. Cadillac Don-Let The Liquor Tell It
16. Cadillac Don-Hip Hip Horray
17. Cadillac Don-Understand Me

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traffickin the white....it's

traffickin the white....it's been done before. Its been rapped about 68 thousand times. And really if you sold coke you know you dont talk about. If its a fantasy then you rap about it. Fake ass mothafuckers do anything for a deal.
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I gave this a chance last

I gave this a chance last night because of the song 'inside peanut butter outside jelly' but this one is just bad, and id say hes fake, hes got a song on here called 'I sell dope Everybody knows'...........everybody doesnt know unless this mixtape was made from prision!! Know what Im sayin
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Cadillac Don

i can ride to this shit. Get on that hoe!