Focus Entertainment & Lil Wayne - Angel Of Death 2 (Back To The Carter 3)

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Thank you for sayin that!!!!

Thank you for sayin that!!!!

I Love Lil' Wayne

He is the best rapper alive. No, f*ck that, he's the best artist to ever make any music. Plus, I think he's an even better person. He is so gangster, but he has so many different styles. His punchlines and metaphors are so intelligent. He's definitely the hardest working person in hip-hop. He drops so many excellent tunes, I just can't get enough. I just don't think he has enough fans though. I think he needs to make different kinds of music, like rock, or maybe mix in some Reggae talk so he can get more fans. You know? Maybe then more DJ's will want to put his face on their mixtapes. He looks so cool. He has all those tatoo's, and those cool dreadlocks. I bet he does a lot of drugs, which makes him even cooler. He probably supplies the whole world with tons of the finest drugs. I love the fact that he kissed his so called dad. That just shows me how much he loves him. He's so good! I wish he would collaborate with more rappers that I like. I can't get enough of that either. I wish he would sign some gangsters to his label so they can make a rap gang and look real hard together. I'm going to buy atleast two of his upcoming album, The Carter 3. Has anybody heard of it? I'm sooo excited, I can't wait. He just keeps getting better and better, it's ridiculous. He was so crappy back when he was with the Hot Boyz. Now, he is the bomb. Every other rapper looks like poop compared to him. I don't even listen to anybody else, only the greatest, Lil' Wayne. I have everything he has ever made. I'm wearing Lil' Wayne underwear right now. I fight with his action figures all the time, Lil' Wayne vs. Weezy. Noone else. I wish he lived closer to me though, like in my house. That would be so cool. But the south runs rap, and I think Lil' Wayne is the king of the south. So that means he is the king of rap. No, f*ck that, he is the king of the world. He should be the president. Vote Lil' Wayne! LOL! Anyways, did I mention I love Lil' Wayne. He rocks!!!! P.S. Get at B.G., a real G! P.S.S. The next Lil' Wayne mixtape will be official. YOU'LL KNOW IT!!!! "The streets make the hustlas/ Hustlas make the world go round/ The world is made of keys, ounces and pounds/ The keys, ounces and pounds is made from hustlas/ See how shit come back round for ya?" -Lil' Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

damn. weezy is fia but u a

damn. weezy is fia but u a dick rida homie.



big ol number 1 fan face ass

big ol number 1 fan face ass

what's funny is that the

what's funny is that the people don't get the sarcasm of your comment/paragraph... good stuff!



this nigga said he is wearing lil wayne underwear

no...wayne is garbage he just has catchy songs remeber garbage but catchy thats the flow to selling albums its what the public wants you can have a dude that has the best rap's,beat's and whatever but if you dont have the catchy ness easy to remeber hooks then you wont sell. ps: i bet you masturbate to birdman

there is a difference

there is a difference between THE DROUGHT & THE DROUGHT IS OVER...get your shit straight, THANK YOU

word up yall are all

word up yall are all fucktards for repeating urselves when there has been 80 people say that the drought and the drought is over are different. Ifu want to listen to weezy just pick up a whiteowl bitches, dumb asses. NO Nightmare 1-10. Dont try this at home 1-10. and whiteowl drop that 1-2.

LIKE OMG HELL YA...u r soo

LIKE OMG HELL YA...u r soo right

fucckn good mixtape right

fucckn good mixtape right here- any fuckas sayin weezy's slippin is just trippin cuz noone expecets someone to be able to make so much fresshass music so often- he could save the best shit he writes and release an album once a year, but he kee[s the fans happy and listenin to fresh shit... listenin to oldass jay=z songs is weaksauce


when is C3 droppin though? anyone know?

Good shit

some id3 tags on the files would be nice but thanks for the up.


That's why NIGGAS can't have shit cuz they COMPLAIN even when the SHIT'S FREE.

damnnn, krkrkrkrkr

maaan, dats the only true shit i read today !! word niggas fighting over a mixtape name and shit, and this shit is free! motherfuckers, what i wanna know is if this tape is any good, not some 14 y old internet gangsta geeks thank you very much

lil wayne is trash talking

lil wayne is trash talking about hes the best rapper alive you fucking kidding me you know how many other rappers are out there and thats why eminem straight up turned down weezys offer on a track for tha carter 3 cause lil wayne aint hip hop he aint shit anymore if it wasnt for da drought 3 must you wouldnt know him go back and listen to hot boyz and cash money millionaires you fucks need to know lil wayne isnt shit anymore gets his jaw broken by his crew in london after a show no one has respect for him rollin around with those fake as niggas in the south lil wayne can suck a dick and if i ever saw that fake ass nigga i would stall on him cause weezy wee is a bitch!

i was riding with a girl and

i was riding with a girl and i put on 'lollipop' man she tried to throw herself out of the car on the freeway for real though these remixes are the shit

dont worry yall lil wayne

dont worry yall lil wayne will have another mixtape some comments for the next tape...carter 17 will be out in april

wayne aint doing shit but

wayne aint doing shit but ''qouting'', all dat nigga doin is sayin da same shit dat Bigge, tupac, and jay-z said. Go to and search (lil wayne swagger Jackin) aind i bet half of yall niggas dat are on his nuts now will think twice





Lil Wayne swagger jackin

YO rick08 sayin to hit up youtube lil wayne swagger jackin. Yeah i seen that video and how you gonna say that ALL wayne is doin is quotin other rappers? Rappers been quoting each other since the beginning of hip hop. And with 1000 plus songs that wayne has you dont think it might happen he quotes some good lines in maybe 10 songs? quit hatin. anyways, Monday 3/31 drought is over 5"the grand closing". May 13 the Carter Tre.

wowo u fucks

stop hating on him and just font listen if hes so wack real shit like fuck its lame as fuck hearing all you lame bitchs dis someone u continue to listen to

anyone know the original

anyone know the original song to the beat for track 19 i know it just cant get it to commme up in my memory

i have 47 wayne albums

i have 47 wayne albums quality of sound is excellent
mfourld0's picture

got you beat

i got 62

all of you muthafuckers are

all of you muthafuckers are wack who gives a fuck if you think lil wayne is wack or not. its music period and everyone is entitled to listen to who the fuck they want to. grow the fuck up. who ever talks shit about him or who ever likes his music he probably doesnt give a fuck about. he's just out there tryn to stack his chips.

wayne wuz the truth, now he

wayne wuz the truth, now he garbage dat nigga dun went commercial on us. i fuks wit gucci now all his new shit u kan bump tha whole cd witout skippin a song, fuk wayne

''im a superstar hustler all

''im a superstar hustler all the bitches want me.. but im jus tryna get my money keep the piglets off me/ im in the coup with 10 gs in the skool bag, thats food cash/ I got work on campus.. News flash!/ yeeas.. Weezy fuckin baby with his fruit ass'' - Lil Wayne Im laughing cos like... people think this dude is some REAL lyricist! Im gona go listen to a real artist... like Ricky Ross... who was in prison from the age of 19................ lol!


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gay gay gay

And all yall niggaz is gay