Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Face Off


01. Intro (00:47)
02. Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana - N.O To N.Y (04:08)
03. Skit (00:37)
04. Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne - We Get That Bread (02:53)
05. Lil Wayne Feat. Curren$y, Juelz Santana & Bezel - More Hot Shit (03:26)
06. Juelz Santant Feat. Lil Wayne - Real High Definition (01:23)
07. Skit #2 (00:19)
08. Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne & T.I. - Rubber Burnin (03:27)
09. Skit #3 (00:10)
10. Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana - Birds Flyin High (02:43)
11. Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana - Bonifide Hustla (03:06)
12. Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne - Rewind (03:46)
13. Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne - Hood Shit (04:00)
14. Juelz Santana - How (02:01)
15. Lil Wayne Feat. Busta Rhymes & Slim Thug - It Aint Over (03:23)
16. Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy - Make It Work (03:51)
17. Lil Wayne Feat. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & B.I.G. - Im With Whatever (03:38)
18. Lil Wayne - Pump That Bass (03:15)
19. Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne - Hot Shit (03:26)
20. Juelz Santana - Mr. Postman (03:01)
21. Lil Wayne - Mr. Postman 2 (03:50)
22. Juelz Santana - Can't Feal My Face (02:45)
23. Skit #4 (00:21)
24. Juelz Santana Feat. Jim Jones - Problems (02:43)
25. Lil Wayne Feat. Jae Millz, Jadakiss & Fabolous - Bring It Back (03:55)
26. Juelz Santana Feat. Paul Wall - Creepin Through Your Hood (02:33)
27. Lil Wayne Feat. Corey Gunz - I Gotcha (03:20)
28. Juelz Santana Feat. CNN - Who You Frontin For (03:29)

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Shit's Hot

Not too much new shit, but i'm feelin' it.

How many fuckin mixtapes r

How many fuckin mixtapes r they gonna make with these two on it with the same fuckin songs. I'm feelin Weezy but Santana got no flow wutsoever
tha ding's picture

I never dl any of these

I never dl any of these Lil' Wayne/Santana mixtapes but i like this one.

santana sucks

santana's ruining every song, this collabo sucks, weezy by himself is fire

your wack nigga your

your wack nigga your obviously not listening to the song!! listen to Rewind then tell me whats up

lil wayne sux dick

lil wayne sux dick

Mixing a Mixtape!!!

What was the 1st Weezy Baby and Juelz mixtape, The 1st one I ripped was Blow. To me Blow was the best of these collabos. I can't feel my face.
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No, there is NOTHING, not next to nothing, NOTHING NEW on this mixtape, it's essentially "Blow" the mixtape with a couple random joints from other albums/mixtapes, but if you frequently check 4 new Wayne shit, you'll be disappointed by this one
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Santana aiight but Weezy better

Santana can spit somewhat but his flow is erratic. Wayne drop his shyt and it be hot on every track.....

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this kid

dis fuckin kid up here makin me laugh and shit sayin wayne sucks. dude need to get his music straight, juelz is the one wit no flow

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this shit is hot


yea i Fux wit it Santana and Weezy


DO yALL hEAr YALL SELfs juelz is a monsta what are u sayin dis nikka n weezy could make da illest dual in rap ma nigg


Yo do niggas ever seed this shit? I tried downloading a couple mixtapes off this site and I never get past 0 fucking percent. What's poppin'?

no wayy

How could anyone be bothered to seed this? It was released almost 2 years ago! Would you seed something thats 2 years old?