DJ Whiteowl, Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Young Money Empire Vol 1

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1. Lil wayne ft juelz santana & fabolous - u ain't got nuthin on us
2. Lil wayne ft juelz santana - freestyle
3. Lil wayne ft nicki minaj - high as a kite
4. Lil wayne ft gym class hereos - get high
5. Juelz santana - big money
6. Lil wayne & juelz santana - duffle bag freestyle
7. Lil wayne ft nas - rich boy & john legend - ghetto (remix)
8. Juelz santana & lil wayne - we everywhere
9. Juelz santana - get em'
10. Juelz santana - take u down
11. Juelz santana - in this club
12. Juelz santana - new star in town
13. Lil wayne & juelz santana - prostitute (remix)
14. Juelz santana ft hell rell - gladiators
15. Lil wayne & d-boyz - dope money
16. Lil wayne - like this
17. Lil wayne - rockbottom
18. Lil wayne - on the block
19. Lil wayne - take u there
20. Juelz santana ft jim jones & chubbie - screen fold
21. Juelz santana - nuthin'
22. Juelz santana - freestyle
23. Juelz santana - hate this
24. Lil wayne - cant wait
25. Lil wayne - im fine
26. Lil wayne - pom pom
27. Lil wayne - dj whiteowl - the wrap up

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Lil Wayne



i mean for real right? i was thinkin the same thing. im tired of searchin thru all these mixtapes to find new shit. i end up gettin like 5-6 same songs with a couple new ones. we need some new shit
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DJ's give it a fuckin

DJ's give it a fuckin rest....

dam WHITEOWL you usually do

dam WHITEOWL you usually do good but you been slackin same old songs over and over!!!!!!

yo what up can u plzz put up

yo what up can u plzz put up that new uncle murda mixtape HARD TO KILL good look

A lot of stuff we've heard

A lot of stuff we've heard before with some new stuff, still good though!! Need some fresh material now YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG!!!!

wats the name of the song at

wats the name of the song at 4 minutes on number 27

yeah been wonderin the same

yeah been wonderin the same thing

Let us boogie with it please!

Hello Friends! I think this album is very excellent, despite what the others are saying. Please give the "props" or the "cudos" to this DJ Whiteowl, for his representation of the "gudders" in this album with an excellent Hip-Hop collaberation. By the way my friends, please refrain from using vulgar/explicit content for these comments, many children might be veiwing these pages. We should also remember to improve our grammatical and spelling errors. Keep the world green and peaceful! Hip-Hop is rocking the house!

best rapper alive link

go on youtube and search for carter 3 download... your welcome