Lil Wayne - @LilTunechi



1. (00:04:10) Lil Wayne - 6"7
2. (00:04:19) Lil Wayne - Fire Flame
3. (00:03:48) Lil Wayne - T-Wayne
4. (00:01:38) Lil Wayne - That Talk
5. (00:03:32) Lil Wayne - Strobe Lights
6. (00:03:48) Lil Wayne - With You
7. (00:04:17) Lil Wayne - Gonorrhea
8. (00:01:37) Lil Wayne - She Wants Me
9. (00:03:42) Lil Wayne - 30 Minutes To New Orleans
10. (00:04:31) Lil Wayne - Down Here
11. (00:04:04) Lil Wayne - Papercuts
12. (00:04:39) Lil Wayne - Popular
13. (00:05:48) Lil Wayne - Shades
14. (00:04:04) Lil Wayne - Heavenly Father

Bonus Tracks
15. (00:03:31) Nicki Minaj - #2's
16. (00:05:00) Nicki Minaj - I'm Blazin'
17. (00:00:39) Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge (Remix) (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
18. (00:03:14) Tyga, Mario & Game - Drink The Night Away

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he back!!!!!!!!!!!

love my dude
dninc's picture

5 New tracks out of the 18

5 New tracks out of the 18 on here.. worth checkin out for the new shit.
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ohhhhh that nigger burned you
dninc's picture

lol i guess he did, i wish i

lol i guess he did, i wish i followed Wayne's every move so i can be cool too, i was too busy bumpin my good 90's-early 2000 shit at the time these released i guess.
MidwestBest765's picture

haaa you terrible!! Yeen

haaa you terrible!! Yeen know lil' wayne is a revolution bruh. lol These boys don't know bout them 90s. I sit back all the time and just like damn joe what the fuck happened to hip hop. numtumbot?!?! [I'd rather bang Screw!!]

your an idiot

There is not one new song on this except 6'7 get your wayne game up...5 new tracks my A$$!!!
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jaxkid904 wrote:
There is not one new song on this except 6'7 get your wayne game up...5 new tracks my A$$!!!
This nigga said get you wayne game up. Gayest shit I've ever heard lol Most old shit....4/10
thatsthatshit's picture

haha Who ever said crime

haha Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

...Wayne still bullshittin,

...Wayne still bullshittin, TAYLOR GANG or lock yourself in your car riding around bumpin this shit for a month. " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "


TAYLOR GANG or lock urself in the garage with the engine runnin


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