Young Money Ent Presents Lil Wayne & Drake - Young Money Year 2K9 Vol 1


01 Lil Wayne, Birdman - South Side
02 Lil Wayne, Mack Maine - Baseball Sex
03 Drake - Juice
04 Drake, Lil Wayne - Man Of The Year
05 Lil Wayne, Young Money - Sacrifice
06 Drake, Lil Wayne, Glasses Malone, Bun B, Akon - Certified (Remix)
07 Jr. Writer, Lil Wayne - We Like The Cars
08 Lil Wayne, Smitty, Ice Berg - Mr. Gangsta
09 Drake, Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard
10 Drake, Lil Wayne, Kid Kid - Want This 4 Eva
11 Drake, Lil Wayne, Santagold - Unstoppable (Remix)
12 Drake, Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard
13 Young Money - Every Girl
14 Drake, Lil Wayne - Ignorant Shit
15 Drake, Lil Wayne - Congratulation
16 Drake, Lil Wayne - Brand New (Remix)
17 Drake, Lil Wayne - Ransom
18 Drake, Lil Wayne, Bun B - Uptown

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Why always same old shit in all mixtapes? Old tracks and same track everywhere. If you dont have the new song, plz dont do mixtape. We are tired of same thing, everywhere...

Fuck this

Young Money/Lil Wayne fan, but wtf. Why the hell do Djs put really really old ass beats on here. Yeah they were great at on time but come on> i get on for that new shit. not stuff thats been in my library for months. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THECONNECT
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