Lloyd Banks Feat. Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie & Fabolous - Start It Up

Look for The Hunger For More 2 November 23rd!

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_ _ _ _ _ Instant

_ _ _ _ _ Instant download... I heard it yesterday on hiphopdx it is straight fire... At least lloyd banks is expanding to new people
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He's growing on me but i

He's growing on me but i can't get over the mumbling rap style he got, tryin to hard to sound like 50 with that "i barely open my mouth to say shit" style.

yall lost your damn minds?

yall lost your damn minds? banks dont even have to open his mouth to rhyme better than the entire south and half the west coast. on top of that, kanye and swiss beatz are both garbage and who knows who the fuck ryan leslie is? if it aint broke dont fix it!
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Yeah but he boring.. 80% of

Yeah but he boring.. 80% of the job of an artist nowadays is to entertain, that includes getting on good ass production and getting exciting features, the rest is lyrical/delivery etc. Some rap artist ratio slip between 50/50 especially in the south, No big argument banks is decent lyrically but im trying to stay woke when im bumpin music so he don't get much play in my ride unless he in rotation on my own lil mix list.
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thkis shkould b good

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I've used this site for a

I've used this site for a while now never commented but i have too now... listen2Amafia_son... Who the fuck is Ryan Leslie? .. next time u wit a bitch get that ryan leslie : the transition... good R&B that man makes timeless music if u know what i mean. I Get To It ... I Get Thru It...WTF U DO??