Dutch Da Kidd & DJ Black Jesus - Meet The Dealer (Season 2 : Industry Built)

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01. Intro
02. 2nd time Around
03. Lets Get It (Prod. By Lokey) ft. Mac Remady
04. Hustlin'
05. I'm Fly (Prod. By Chase Davis) ft. Mac Remady
06. She Got It
07. Still Ridin'
08. Watchin'
09. Interlude
10. Haters
11. Boss Shit
12. Hella Swag ft. Mac Remady
13. Moufs 2 Feed
14. Bizzy Got
15. Take You Down
16. Shoe Box Money
17. Open My Door (Prod. By Lokey)
18. Tell Her
19. Live Your Life
20. Outro & Bonus Track

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First!!! wat now bitch

First!!! wat now bitch
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I'm second

I'm second!!!!! And Imma snitch!!!

OH WOW!!! You know you got

OH WOW!!! You know you got it comin...
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ayo bezzel, check this nigga out LMFAO, he makes an account JayJayGemini-i (extra "i") steals my picture, and goes through all that trouble just to "act like me" LMAO, now if that aint the god damn funniest thing you have EVER SEEN on this website then i dont know what is hahaha? it really makes me wonder what it is that these little kids envy bout me so bad? maybe the money? who knows? "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"