Makin Moves Presents Uncle Murder - M.O.R.E. Murder


01 - Intro
02 - Pop Off
03 - Chase Ms
04 - Dont Be Acting
05 - Get It In
06 - U Pussy
07 - Trash Bag Money
08 - Bitchass Niggas
09 - Party Over Here
10 - Freestyle
11 - You Know Its Me
12 - No Love
13 - Hood Love
14 - Summertime Shootouts
15 - We Grinding
16 - Cellular
17 - Where We At
18 - Roc
19 - With Out A Word
20 - Your Nobody
21 - Rotate
22 - What U Gonna Do
23 - I Just Shot Him

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hell yea hope sum of dis is

hell yea hope sum of dis is new
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hell yea hope sum of dis is new Some Old Shit, But Some Shit I Aint Heard So The Shit New To Me....
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haha yup

haha yup
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I Like My Music Crisp Like My Porno, This Aint That Crisp...

Does Yours Sound Distorted?
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wtf haha

idk i havn't listened yet. i'll hit u up wen i do tho
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Some of the tracks have horrible quality. Besides that a few of the tracks are old, but its Uncle Murder and he keeps its gangsta. If you like Murder you'll like this tape. Some up North $h*t..