Max Minelli - California Dreams


1. On The Plane (Intro)
2. Look At California
3. California Dreaming
4. Caintyoutel
5. Ocean Front Property
6. We In Long Beach (Skit)
7. It's Like This
8. Call Him Great
9. Ghetto Jam
10. Late For The Red Carpet (Skit)
11. Gucci Frames
12. Burn Us Alive
13. Come To The Bay (Skit)
14. Its Goin Down Tonight
15. I'm So Raw
16. Please Call Me (Skit)
17. Pussy Power
18. Gangbangin
19. Bitches And Money
20. Hard Shit
21. Bridge To California

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Didn't know dude was still

Didn't know dude was still rapping.... Checking this out now..... Where is young Bleed!
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Born in New Orleans, rapper...

Born in New Orleans, rapper Max Minelli was raised in Southern California. A coworker of his mother owned a recording studio, so at the age of ten Minelli took his love of rap -- fueled mostly by Ice Cube's vicious AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted album -- and recorded his first song. He enjoyed the experience but soon moved back to Louisiana, losing his connection to the music industry. It was a disappointment and setback, but Minelli kept rapping. It paid off when he reached the age of 13 and met C-Loc, a successful Baton Rouge rapper who ran his own label. Minelli would join C-Loc's Concentration Camp crew and appear on numerous C-Loc Presents Camp releases, but when C-Loc landed in prison in 2000 Minelli was left to fend for himself. He began releasing solo albums with the help of his Concentration Camp brothers J-Von and up-and-coming producer Happy Perez, who would soon find fame working with rapper Baby Bash. Minelli began to break with his 2005 release Get Served, a Southern favorite that drew the attention of the Koch label. He signed with the label in 2006 and began releasing a series of mixtapes to promote his next official release. With Perez as executive producer, Minelli released Remedy on Koch in 2008.