Mick Boogie & Joey Fingaz - Copywrite The Jerk

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01 Intro.mp3 1.34 MB
02 Takin Gwop.mp3 5.58 MB
03 money for nuthin.mp3 4.29 MB
04 That's Y.mp3 4.13 MB
05 slow down ft. Tage.mp3 5.40 MB
06 Big Man On Campus.mp3 5.32 MB
07 fire shots ft killah priest.mp3 4.29 MB
08 A Word From Katt Williams.mp3 947.90 kB
09 colors' 07.mp3 3.43 MB
10 hungry ft king.dom.mp3 4.04 MB
11 Best Seller.mp3 4.85 MB
12 Lights Out.mp3 6.17 MB
13 The Music 'N Me.mp3 4.88 MB
14 Chill At The Bar.mp3 5.28 MB
15 Grand Larceny.mp3 4.07 MB
16 Take Notes.mp3 4.95 MB
17 Waiting 2 Inhale.mp3 5.81 MB
18 Missing.mp3 6.34 MB
19 Time Doesn't Stop.mp3 4.58 MB
20 A Word From Afrika Bambaataa.mp3 359.20 kB
21 AA Meeting.mp3 5.74 MB
22 The Zone.mp3 4.25 MB
23 Paper Chase.mp3 3.47 MB
24 shinin.mp3 4.02 MB
25 Crazy (As I Used 2 B).mp3 5.37 MB
26 Jerry's Final Word.mp3 851.31 kB

copywriteinthejerk.torrent18.68 KB


this mixtape is dope, especially dope since i designed the cover artwork for it

thankfully i know copy.

thankfully i know copy. otherwise, due to your incredibly shameful plug, i would think it was wack. like the cover.




aight im late, whats ROFL?

ahaha it aint even like

ahaha it aint even like that.....but let's be honest, if y'all don't know that copy is dope as fuck by now...you needa find out

shut up please this shit is

shut up please this shit is WACK.


this shit is dope as hell but a lil old ......wheres that tage highly recommended cd i been tryin to hunt that down
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tage highly reccommended

HERES AN RS LINK just add the download|270l34|73566565|Tage_Future-Highly_Recommended_Vol_1-2007.rar|42633
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this is one of the hottest

this is one of the hottest mixtapes ive heard if you dont know copywrite you should 100% download this mixtape
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So much HATER TALK on this mixtape, some ppl forgot to mention it's content will BURN most of the popular tapes downloaded from this site. If you;re tired of rappers who cant spit,or boring generic rhymeschemes then peep this tape.
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Forgot2mention that the tracklist is incorrect, there's a TON of features on this mixtape, SOme really ill production by: 1. Intro 2. Takin' Gwop 3. Money For Nuthin' 4. That's Y 5. Slow Down Feat. Tage 6. Big Man On Campus 7. Fire Shots feat. Killah Priest 8. A Word From Katt Williams 9. Colors '07 10. Hungry feat. King.Dom 11. Best Seller 12. Lights Out feat. Catalyst 13. The Music 'N Me 14. Chill At The Bar 15. Grand Larceny feat. Shabaam Saadiq, Thirstin Howl III 16. Take Notes feat. Catalyst, King.Dom 17. Waiting 2 Inhale 18. Missing (Young Guru Mix) 19. Time Doesn't Stop feat. Jakki Da Motamouth 20. A Word From Afrika Bambaataa 21. AA Meeting feat. Jakki Da Motamouth, King.Dom 22. The Zone feat. Meta4ce Omega 23. Paper Chase feat. Catalyst 24. Shinin' feat. Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I 25. Crazy (As I Used 2 B) 26. Jerry's Final World Bestseller is the only track I'd skip, other than that this mixtape is DOPE and WELL WORTH the download. Anyone who doesnt agree shouldn't CLAIM they listen to hip-hop, because it's obvious yer not really listening.