Mixtape Evolution & Lil Wayne - The Prebirth


1.Fix My Hat
2.Fall Out Boy - Tiffany Blews
3.Lil Wayne - Amazing Love
4.Lil Wayne - Prom Queen
5.Lay You Down (Feat. Tyga)
6.I’m Not Human
7.America’s Suitehearts (Feat. Fall Out Boy)
8.Kat DeLuna - Unstoppable
9.Go Hard (Remix) (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
10.Lil Wayne - Revolver (2)
11.Spit In Your Face (Feat. Kevin Rudolf)
12.Lil Wayne - Yes
13.Put It On (Feat. Kat Deluna)
14.Unstoppable (Remix) (Feat. Drake, Santagold)
15.The Archetypal Rock Sound (Feat. Gutta Gutta)
16.Wayne’s World, Planet Rock (Bonus Remix)

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NessCarter killed wayne on wax in NO

Shit is doo doo... Wahchu doing? They throw books AT YOU.

I don't fuck with wayne cuz he a senstive nikka

This tape is complete garbage. Wahchu doooin? They don't book you. They throw books AT YOU. MOE.

wow wack ..wayne get back to

wow wack ..wayne get back to how u where in 06-07 when u was a rapper u fadein off my ipod on the real u not a rapper no more u an r&b artist and a soft rocker sad when sumone get to much money and completely forgets where they came form DMC is the ONLY RAP ROCKERS thats for the pepole thinkin he the only "rapper" to do rock DMC did real rock wayne does more of an alternative music deff not rock n roll at all he will never make it to the rock hall of fame like DMC


this guy is turning into a clown, why doesnt he stick to rap?

Let that nigga Explorer damn

That nigga is trying out somethin new and aimin for a new Fanbase, if you don't like that means you not the target audience he's after so blow away with the rest of the faggots, i don't think this is good but at least he's tryin out something outside his Realm, at least he didn't become a Faggot ass Techno DJ/Pop Rapper like Kanye or a R&B Singer like Jarule. I actually like Rock, and Alternative and metalcore, this isn't something i'd pick up but im sure it's just a side project he's been wantin to do, shit, to have Rock/Alternative, Hip hop, R&B, Hardcore, and pop on your Resume'? That nigga wild, thats wassup, Go Get all dat money Wayne fuck the Faggots here postin hate have nothin else better to do, it's probably one person posting under multiple screennames too, lame fucka'z

this nigga said it good,

this nigga said it good, fuck the haters get money BITCH

Ugly Fuck!

This homo don't have a chin or bottom jaw lol!

nigga you sound gay who

nigga you sound gay who cares how another dude look rate bitches not niggas( unless u gay)


hey pussy ass sounding faget! just check your self..and people just be capping on wayne just cause hes be making millions and you be packing them pounds you fat bi!

he be packing them fat

he be packing them fat bitches

get where everyone is comin

get where everyone is comin from and i dont always like what wayne comes out with but i respect that hes tryin new things and not just limited to one genre...

Comon wayne, get back. this

Comon wayne, get back. this is garbage

wow really? is there anyone

wow really? is there anyone out there who can fucking speak english and not this fucking ebonics shit jesus

nigga im bout whats EZ. i

nigga im bout whats EZ. i aint trying to take all day typin to yo silly ass so USE THAT HEAD and figure out wat the fuk im talkin bout


you people on here on ridiculous. youre supposed to comment on the music and give your opinion not talk about how gay each one of you are haha im feelin waynes new shit it goes, if he kept doing the same shit every time itd get boring. every artist has to change their style sometime

níggαs trчín tσ αppєαl tσ thє 60% lαrgєr whítє pσpulαtíσn...dαts

níggαs trчín tσ αppєαl tσ thє 60% lαrgєr whítє pσpulαtíσn...dαts 60 % mσrє вαnk rєαl mσnєч...níggαs cαnt sєє ...>>αhєm..dα вrσkє σnєs..αnd dα nαturαl вσrnє lαmєz

shut up and learn how to

shut up and learn how to type go to a corner and shut the fuck up fagget


Wayne does it again. He everywhere. Where on planet earth will I not hear a wayne record or featuring lil wayne.

lil wayne is bye far the

lil wayne is bye far the wackest out there now.... someone needs to slap some sense into this douche bag


Yea man i totally agree with you. Lil Wayne was always trash to me but this just took the cake. I have NO respect for a nigga with dreads that cant even speak english on songs. This mother fucker be mumbling and shit on his songs. He need to step his game up. And yall fags need to stop suckin his dick and making excuses for this WACK as shit. When this nigga start rappin like Cassidy & JR Writer & Juelz & Fabolous & Hell Rell & 50 Cent then he can get some respect. Now watch some dumb fucker say shit about what i said. If you say something about it.....YOUR A LIL DICK RIDING FAGGOT & YOU CANT RIDE LIL WAYNES DICK IF HES RIDING BIRDMANS....HAHAHAHAHA [url=http://profile.mygamercard.net/Fr35h+Prync3][img]http://card.mygamercard.net/cylinder/Fr35h+Prync3.png[/img][/url]

u guyz are funny as h@ll, u

u guyz are funny as h@ll, u juss show how close minded u negative people are. U guyz not mad because he's playing rock, ur mad cuz u cant do it. All the haters are just wannabees who couldnt make it. U guyz are pathetic, he's expanding himself as a true artists. The world is diverse get over it. When you guyz make millions h@ll when you sell 10 of your own cds then talk smack,lol...such losers

so whack what the fuck is

so whack what the fuck is with wayne doing tracks with fall out boy

Doing something new = Can't Please every bitch.

J-Dilla420 wrote:
so whack what the fuck is with wayne doing tracks with fall out boy
Read up on my first post you might get a good insight.. Wayne could literally Record with anybody at this point in his Career, hell nigga might even do something with Celine Dion one day just to fuck with his haters. Wayne is doing Wayne, He's worth 60+ Million, Do you really think he cares if he lose a few Bandwagon faggots in the meantime while he experiment with other shit? Im almost convinced half ya'll are Jealous Shock you or your favorite artist or somebody from your own hometown didn't do this shit first.. I can literally picture the hatred foaming out of ya'll mouths as ya'll take the time to click on Each and every one of Lil Waynes Mixtapes just to type some bullshit like it's going to run away Waynes Fans lol.. They all aint here, most are "BUYING" his albums not downloading them for free.

Dis nigga lil wayne!!!

Dis nigga lil wayne got talent. but da bull shit he talkin bout iz brainwashin da youth. So dont follow in his footsteps, jus enjoy da music. he dont go as hard as u think!

wayne isn't experimenting

wayne isn't experimenting with something new. He's using a premade record company formula for what sells music to his biggest group of buyers- middle class kids. He's not experimenting, he's being marketed. And then from my angle, he's combining the shittiest thing in R&B radio (autotune) with the shitty fakeness of pop-rock radio. And his lyrics aren't even creative- they're not coming from his heart of mind, they are marketing. Wayne whines about sitting waiting for a girl to call on the phone?

and i dont f..* wit wayne at the moment

Alright this is going 2 b long..but u cats hate on wayne like yall didnt luv em a min..ago shit the nigg8 versatile if nothing else..and 4 all u dumb as waitin around the club 2 snatch a rappers chain..lol..ny cats kill me u niggas cant do this type of music thats y yall hate ..u mf tried..exp:nas oochiee walliiee wallie..chicken noodle so..strach that that what about that brave hearts bullshit..i admit i aint fuckn wit this rock shit but the nigga has paid his dues,,he can do what the fuc he want shit jus like any other mf ...im going to end this shit ..this my 1st comment eva on this hoe,but i said wtf i might as well while im gettn this new shit..but 100 fuck boys certainly u stuck n the 90's sum shit as ny bums ..hoodys and timbo's that shit grimmy son.."naw that shit old"on 2 what i was sayin while im internet thuggn n this bitch..most niggas got rims on the slab..the way niggas dress ..even sumthin as simple as a hair cut ..ya clothes dumbass boi's all center around a female ..so the way i c it if im makin millions rappn ..and the niggas i gave dedication 1,carter 1,the drought 3..and other street bangers to r not supporting me and the bitches r geuss what...im im going 2 appeal to that money ....but u niggas like rap battles more than music all u mf do is pick sides of mf u dont even kno

aight 1 more lil wayne auto

aight 1 more lil wayne auto tune bs singin and shit,but all of aint garbage,rock n roll shit cool for whoeva likes that shit but i want to name a few for u cats to check out since these up north boys think the south aint holdin and if u like hip hop u gone feel this list if u heard of em... trae & z-ro a.b.n..chalie boy..little brother...playa fly..lil keke..gangsta boo(name a bitch)..gangsta black..lord infamous..skinny pimp...soulja slim..boosie(bigger than the rest)hurricane chris aye bay bay i know..(keep sleepn on em)etc....here go sum big guns ..andre 3 stacks ..king koopa.pimp c..wayne..luda..8ball & mjg..mystical...jeezy(not so lyrical but the nigga put words togetha)devin the mf dude..scarface..bun b(cuz o,g.)i cud keep going and b4 ya feathers get ruffles ny fags..i know bout pappose uncle murda joe budden,max b,murder mook,serious jones..ya boy..yall mf was really trin to anoint this nigga pappose huh ..shit was funny even though he got skills..shit sound like a battle rap or at least thats the way the tone of what ever song hes doing carries...but yall should have tried joey crack at least hes had sum #1 singles ..thats y the nigga said elephant n the room cuz u niggas up there want link up ...i really dont blame 50 u niggas pussy ass do boys