Greg Street & DJ Smallz Present Nappy Roots - Nappy University Vol 2

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Previously: DJ Smallz & Nappy Roots - Nappy University Vol 1

01 - Greg Street Dj Smallz-Class Is In Session Intro
02 - Pon-Infield
03 - Pon-Ride Airplanes
04 - Pon Feat Aleon Craft-Know Bout Me
05 - Pon-Fishbowl Remix
06 - Aleon Craft-Go High
07 - 40 Akerz Feat Skinny Deville Scales-A Million Doll
08 - 40 Akerz-When I Rap
09 - 40 Akerz-Nappy Relaxation
10 - 40 Akerz Feat Alabama-Dixieland Delight
11 - 40 Akerz Feat Q Parker Of 112-I M Good
12 - Scales Vito Banga Feat Stick Boyz-Ham
13 - Skinny Deville Feat Louis Keyz-International Playa
14 - Vito Banga-Rocky Top Tennessee
15 - Skinny Deville Vito Banga Feat Mookie Jones-Everyw
16 - B Stille-Get Me
17 - B Stille Ron Clutch-Stayed Away Too Long
18 - B Stille Ron Clutch-Pray
19 - Nappy Roots-A Way
20 - Nappy Roots-That S How It Is
21 - Nappy Roots-Po Folks Josh One Remix
22 - Nappy Roots-Watchin Dem
23 - Sa-Roc-Valley Of The Queen
24 - Dukes Of Da Ville Feat C-Bone 40 Akerz-Lean Back

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Been Waitin 4 Dis

I'll give feedback if Its worth The Download.
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Nappy Roots Ain't All That Good

Track #2 "Infield" is something new got that rock sound to it. Track #3 "Ride Airplanes" is ok just cause that hook. Track #10 "Dixieland Delight" is something you might smoke to even tho it sound like some redneck shit haha. 1/5
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Nappy roots very latest

Nappy roots very latest album is a little known banger classic. Go buy it..
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Go Dl That Gucci Tape Instead!!

This Shit was alright, wasnt really worth my time..But yeah Gucci Still holding it down with the mixtapes yall Go buy his Album asap When that shit drops, I know i am, Matter fact i might end up buying 5 Albums just to Support Gucci, Gucci is the Shit.
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go head and take one step off gucci's nuts already.. go comment under HIS mixtapes...then go buy every one of his cd's and beat off to the album covers.. then tell somebody who cares!!!!!!!!!
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He was suppose to not post

He was suppose to not post no more 4 days ago too

gucci iz trash nigga 2k11

gucci iz trash nigga 2k11 bout 2 be da year ah real rap again get rite homie
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how do you say groupie in spanish! ole tube socks and cut off shorts wearn ass nigga...if you stop listening to gucci now you might can save your self from total retardation... $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$