Nickelus F - Season Premiere


01. Fueled Up
02. Season Premiere
03. World Renown
04. Cold City
05. Like This
06. $$$ (Angles)
07. Simma Down
08. All Lat
09.Take You With Me
10. On My Shit
11. Aggressive Content
12. Stand Tall
13. Clap For Him
14. What Am I Suppose To Do
15. Carpe Deim
16. Credit (Reese Witherspoon)

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Oh shit this that guy who

Oh shit this that guy who used to feature with Drake back when he was a nothing...Check Drake's Comeback Season

Richmond all day

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been on this dude(no homo)

since i heard his i get it in nigga go in...
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Production's nice, dude's nicer...

Hooks(?) are not so nice. Nickelus didn't necessarily do a bad job with them (shit's a free mixtape), but, with some of the tracks, when the hook rolls around, you start to get these thoughts of suicide.
Kept tracks #3 (hits hard, hook is pretty weak, but it's str8), #4 (weird, yet chill beat), #5 (nice use of a Slick Rick sample), #6 (chill track), #9 (real chill), #12 (insightful shit...hook is bearable here; it kinda reminds me of some B.O.B.), #15 (a sick sample keeps the hook's pussy wet).
336 ~Rum and Cheerwine~ 704
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I thought I was the only one who had a real weird vibe that some of the songs made me think about suicide! haha But the tape is FIRE tho...
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This shit right here gets a

This shit right here gets a 9 outta 10!!! This nigga got alot to say. Only reason it didnt get a 10 is because I agree, his hooks are a lil lazy at times!!! But his flow and lyrics get a 10.(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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This is a nice joirnt right heeerre
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seems like this tape is getting love, will give it a spin.
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I respect dude cos he make hip hop.
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//In Brooklyn we don't give a fuck about rubber band stacks Niggas will rob you for your money and give you your rubber bands back//