Game's ''The face of LA'', - Ransom ''Pain & Glory'' Mixtapes!

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Keep up the good work! We realy need new Game's mixtape THE FACE OF LA, Game is one of the few rappers thas puttin it down for real consequtivly in every new mixtape! As for Ransom, i realy like the flow showed in dj clue's last mixtape The Clue Vinci Code! I for sure believe that he's got game and it would be a good mixtape(Pain & Glory by Dj Clue & Big Mike).
Niggaz buyin their owns records now/ spend an extra 10 milion not to let u down/ don’t believe his plantinum cause he aint sell, he shipped that/ this niggas realy need NOT rap/ but lets hope they make it and doing sales so they say/ dependin on product p