DJ Haze - USA Today

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01.Dj Haze Ft. Mysonne - Goontro (Prod By. Dj Haze & Riles)
02.Drake - Somebody Remind Me
03.Drake Ft. Rich Boy - To The Floor
04.Rick Ross Ft. Raekwon - Audio Meth
05.Fabolous - I Ain't In Love
06.Fabolous - Mister Crooker
07.Jim Jones Ft. Duane Darock - Make Ya Body
08.Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Dominic - Cali Life (Prod By. Dj Haze)
09.Juice Ft. Robsawne & Mysonne - Early 80S (Remix)
10.Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Ka$h & K-Miz - Krush Groovin
11.Mysonne - Speaking In Tounges
12.Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Mysonne - Who Let The Goons Loose
13.Kanary Diamonds - Brand New
14.Craze Colon - I Gets Busy
15.Jimmie Hoffa - Ha Ha
16.Nuchi (Street Grind) - Flatbush Hustlin
17.Kingbam (Street Grind) - Money The Motive
18.Mv Double L - Street Lyrics

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scwestcoast's picture

why is game on the cover

why is game on the cover then he doesnt even have a song on the tape
IStillHatePosers's picture

dj haze

is a member of black wall street.*Fuck Em All*
Bay Bridge's picture

I think because that fucking

I think because that fucking Nu Jerzey Devil DJ is on the track
bole420's picture

track 12 dedicated to

track 12 dedicated to mr southwest.....lmaoh, im higher than a mutha fucka!
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4 real-I'd Rather Bang Screw-
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