Numonics - Being Cool Doesn't Pay The Bills (Mixed By DJ RTC)


01-Paul Lewis - Intro
02-Bk Cyph - Iquit
03-Shawn Jackson - Money Mentality
04-Rathemc Ft Co$$ - Doubt Us
05-Jthes Ft Shawn Chrystopher & El Prez - A Better Tomorrow (Shootin' Cops &
Coppin' Real Estate)
06-Treazon Ft Nero - On The Move
07-Lex One - Definition Of Ill
08-Treazon Ft Threatz - Put Your Trust In Me
09-Co$$ - Time Is Now
10-Quest-Swear Im Puttin' On
11-Wrekonize - One Day As King
12-Threatz - Trynna Live
13-Sene-Departure Time
14-Dre Biggity-On The Comedown
15-Donny Goines Ft Quest, Streets Buchanon - Let The Rain Fall
16-Dre Biggity-$wishin' All Net
17-Co$$-The Wilderness
18-Reks-From The Hood To The Highrise
19-Djulien-Wish Someone Would Care
20-Saheed-The Up's
21-Butta Verses-Best That I Can Do

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Exquisite. Highly recommended. -Live Life Topless-