El Prez - Animal Style


01 California Games
02 Burger Time
03 Phantoms Of Opera Feat J7 With Intro
04 Cop Trees Ft Dnez
05 King Kong (Im Gone) Snippet
06 Contact Ft Freddie Gibbs
07 2 Live And Die In La Ft Diz Gibran And Tunji
08 Animal Style
09 Lil Miss Popular Ft J7
10 Victory Lapse (Ft. Donwill And Von Pea)
11 Inglewood Ft Shawn Chrystopher
12 Summit At The Sands Ft Shawn Chrystopher Dnez And Chris Focus
13 The Real World

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Yall better wake the fuck up!

Yall better wake the fuck up! Fire is all I can say, its a different westcoast sound than Im used to, maybe like a westcoast Wale or Chip the Ripper
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Anythang decent from the West im down with so ima give it a chance. The 90's was my fav decade. Thats when music was real.

yo dem sloppy burgers be da

yo dem sloppy burgers be da best
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Thats an In & Out burger and

Thats an In & Out burger and Animal Style is a special way to order it where it comes with grilled onions and extra cheese, but its not on the menu so everybody calls it secret. Im gettin right back on them next time I go see my dog in North Hollywood

damn dey dont have shit like

damn dey dont have shit like dat out here in NYC
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Yea In & Outs are on the

Yea In & Outs are on the westcoast only. We really dont have a place like that in Memphis either, best burger in Memphis comes from Tops Barbecue but thats not the best bar-b-q if that makes any since
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That burger look like a nasty bigmac...naaaaasty...but can't no city fuck with memphis Q I can't wait till memphis in may I'm there every year the music and food~ Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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Memphis in May is what we

Memphis in May is what we wait all year for, month long party on Beale! The Beale Street Music Festival line-up announced March 4 at 2pm! Last year was so fun, saw 311, Al Green, Snoop Dog (Who is good live), G. Love & Special Sauce, The Roots (fuckin great live also), Theory of a Deadman, if I see 3-6 up there again this year Im throwing apples at them bitches! They aint got to play every fuckin year! Saw Run Dmc in 2000 got to see Jam Master J before he was killed. For those of yall that dont know, 1st weekend every May is Beale Street Music Festival, its at Tom Lee Park on the Mississippi river but carrys over on to Beale which dead ends into the river at the park anyways. Theres 5 stages and someones playing on every stage the whole time, if someone sucks you can just walk over to the other stages. Budweiser draft, a smoked turkey leg, live music outside, 100,000 people but not elbow to elbow unless you're stage front, good fuckin times every year no doubt
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i guess you have never had an in&out burger, anyone i have ever taken there says it is the best fast food burger they have ever had. don't get me wrong i have had a better burger... but for a chain of store all over the west coast, no one does it better, because they are family owned and they pay there employees better than anyone else... but on the real that burger does look nasty... i order mine fried in mustered but no pickle, grilled onions, ketchup. that is the shit... make sure when you have one that you get it fried in mustered... next time you are anywhere they are you should get one.
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just wanted to correct it.. animal style is: with grilled onions, pickles, fried mustered and extra everything.

DL This Shit

Been bumpin this lately. Track 12 is real nice
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Nice new west coast sound feelin a couple of the tracks