Rapper Big Pooh - FatBoy Fresh Vol. 1

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01. Fresh [prod. Young RJ]
02. Fortune & Fame (ft. Glasses Malone, Kida, and Focus…) [prod. Focus…]
03. Wooden Wall Silverware [prod. Madlib]
04. U Can (ft. Stat Quo) [prod. Young RJ]
05. I’m the Man [prod. Black Milk] (Cuts by DJ Flash)
06. Get It In (ft. Khrysis) [prod. Young RJ]
07. The Change (ft. Naledge of Kidz In The Hall, Carlitta Durand & Verbs) [prod. Mr. Porter]
08. By the Book (ft. O-Dash) [prod. Khrysis]
09. State of the Union (ft. T3 of Slum Village) [prod. Young RJ]
10. People (ft. Posdnuos of De La Soul) [prod. Young RJ]
11. Zone Out [prod. D.R., with Young RJ (Cuts by DJ Flash)
12. M.A.S.H. [prod. S1]
13. ETA [prod. Young RJ] (Cuts by DJ Flash)
14. Gotem [prod. Khrysis]

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I hope this shit ok without

I hope this shit ok without the rest of the crew! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!

its all one track....

can anyone split these up?
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If you like hiphop and good

If you like hiphop and good lyrics, its worth the download! 7/10 ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!