Rhymefest - Dangerous: 5-18


01 Intro
02 Martyr
03 How High Featuring Little Brother
04 Letter Featuring John Mayer
05 Familiar Faces
06 In Between
07 Bad Self Featuring Rahzel And Large Professor
08 Touch And Go Featuring Kid Capri And Just Blaze
09 Get Plugged Feat. Twone Gabz, Little Brother, Elzhi Of Slum Village
10 Do It Again
11 What Do I Do
12 Vibin'
13 Crack The Code Featuring Skyzoo
14 Do It To Death Feat. Little Brother And Supasition
15 Can't Help It Featuring Twone Gabz
16 Bring It Back
17 Outro

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#5 is a bangaaa! recyle the

#5 is a bangaaa! recyle the rest. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Fuck what this 1st nigga

Fuck what this 1st nigga talkin bout! This mixtape is CLASSIC!!! This is real hiphop! Rhymefest goes hard...I will actually go out and buy his next cd...worth the d/l(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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Hey wisdom, you up for some

Hey wisdom, you up for some slowhead? >>>> 5th Ward TX
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http://digitalmafia.ning.com..rhymefest had couple of joints back in the day . sounds like he still on it.


best mixtape droped so far>>>NO TIME FOR HATIN WHENYA GETTIN DA PAPER
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mr southvvest shut yo fag ass up

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