Rick Ross - Walking On Water


01 Rick Ross - Where You From
02 Rick Ross - Jumpin' Out The Gym
03 Rick Ross - Thumbs Up
04 Rick Ross - Walking On Water (Feat. Triple C's)
05 Rick Ross - Paid The Cost (Feat. Slim Thug)
06 Rick Ross - Champaigne Life (Remix) (Feat. Ne-Yo & Fabolous)
07 Rick Ross - Big Money (Feat. Jadakiss)
08 Rick Ross - Pledge Allegiance To The Swag (Feat. T.I.)
09 Rick Ross - Monster (Feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z, & Nicki Minaj)
10 Rick Ross - Dutty Dutty
11 Rick Ross - Rap Song (Feat. T-Pain)
12 Rick Ross - Knows What She Doing (Feat. R. Kelly)
13 Rick Ross - Run This World (Feat. Jennifer Lopez & The-Dream)
14 Rick Ross - Peel Money Fast
15 Rick Ross - King Boss
16 Rick Ross - Rose Red (Remix) (Feat. Meek Mill, T.I., & Vado)
17 Rick Ross - All Day
18 Rick Ross - Money In Da Wallz

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So many features, he got

So many features, he got everybody but that Justin Bierber kid lol.. i know everybody in Atlanta gone have him featured in a song sooner or later lol, i can imagine Gucci, T.I, Andre 3000, Bone Crasher, Waka, OJ and Justin all in one song lmao!
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Whats wrong with Rick Ross?

Whats wrong with Rick Ross? Nikka Goes in wit almost every track. And Aren't You a lil too old to worry about justin bieber? Suspect. *Fuck ATL!!!
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LOL The fuck yo stupid ass

LOL The fuck yo stupid ass talkin about we in two whole different realms of discussions, im making a joke talkin about grown ass artist working with him and you talkin about worrying about him, you need to stay propped up over gucci manes dick and stop worrying about the fuck i post because you mentally lost or maybe im way over yo head, and tell that suspect shit to Luda, Usher, Rza, Jay Z, Pittbull, and why you sayin Fuck ATL and you all on ATL artist dick? epitome of a lame-bitch-fuck.
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Its all about business man,

Its all about business man, Suspect or not They getting there share of the deal to make some bread So get off they nuts just because yo lonely ass aint got shit poppin wit Tha music Biz, Yeah Gucci, Oj And Waka are my fav, in the Atl, But the reason for that they got potential in Music..I would add more in my comment, But i just relized that i was discussion shit to a Fuckin Retard. *Fuck ATL!!!
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LOL... ^ this worthless fat

LOL... ^ this worthless fat fuck talk shit all day on this fuckin site, what type of life you got? u aint in the music biz, The Navy didn't want you, yo Uncle kicked you out now you on the run, you make it a point to tell you Bio on this site like we give a fuck, you post where you about to go like this is yo twitter account and we should give a fuck, you ride on Gucci nuts and if that nigga met you he probably would mush you in the face and spit on you, and you lookin for cyber females on a mixtape site that might be dudes! lol
On top of it all, a week ago this bitch boy was suppose to delete his account and not say nothing else and he show up as the most active user on this mothafucka everyday!
Take a step back and look at yourself, your life sucks KILL Yourself!, you not liked online or in real life.. i swear you make retards look like prodigy/geniuses everytime you say somethin. lol bitch yo soul will get blessed everytime you have some shit to say shut the fuck up.
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Man nikka i'll Fucking leave yo punk ass dead! Unlike you im a part time Nikka with a job homie, who the fuck are you? and Im not in the Music Bizz?? But i make beats on soundclick? Yeah that make sence to say that dumb fuck! i hope Karma gets you worse then it gets to most people bitch. *Fuck ATL!!!
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Why don't you edit yo post

Why don't you edit yo post some more for me! LOL.. SMH.. So far you posted on a consistent basis here that your a Goon from Houston but really live in Galveston with your uncle beaner that you apparently look exactly like, you work at a movie theater, Your a Navy reject, you got your ass kicked by some dude name frosty, your a producer, and your currently in Atlanta but instead of doing what most tourist do in other cities and tour, shop, lounge and shit, you on the net still chatting on this mothafucka..
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yo you fat burrito eating

yo you fat burrito eating fuck you wouldnt know shit if it fell out yo ass and into yo hand. you dont make no beats nigga you aint no producer nigga. you aint gonna body no one. yous a internet thug straight up homie know your place nigga. real niggas move in silence they dont run around the internet poppin shit. wow mr.southwest its official. yous a wanksta.
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it's official for some time now...-010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT-
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This Southwest Dude Retards

How You Gonna Support ATL Rappas But Have Fuck ATL In Tha Same Comment? You Stupid Lil Bitch _404_Decatur

im str8 on dis shit haa

im str8 on dis shit haa
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rickity ross

yo this crook ass nigga sucks an alwayz is gonna suck with his cory ass rhymes fat joe an rick ross are like biggie's cuz's with downs. no1 should work with tthis dude
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this fat ass nigga cant walk on the floor without it sinkn in, how he go walk on top of water lmfaoh! $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$
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A must Download

First track goin off wit Project Pat on it. A must Download - "Only Faggat Ass Niggas Reply On Other Niggas Comments"
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got this slowed down message

got this slowed down message me fa a copy