SAYITAINTTONE - 500 Million (Presented By DJ Steph Floss & DJ Green Lantern)

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01 Sayitainttone - Otpwc [Prod. By Young Roc]
02 Sayitainttone - Adbomd [Prod. By Key Wane]
03 Sayitainttone - Boss Playa [Prod. By Nospeakerz]
04 Sayitainttone - Word Of Mouf (Feat. Oba Rowland & Payroll) [Prod. By Kelvin K Brown]
05 Sayitainttone - Hold Me Down (Feat. Drey Sonie) [Prod. By Yog$]
06 Sayitainttone - Everday (Feat. Sun) [Prod. By Kelvin K Brown]
07 Sayitainttone - Twerk Sum (Feat. Ella & Rosie) [Prod. By Lyle Ideas Of Don Cannon Music Group]
08 Sayitainttone - Gangsta Party (Feat. Adubb Da Gawd, John Henry & Earlly Mac) [Prod. By Denotes]
09 Sayitainttone - Souls (Feat. Young Roc) [Prod. By Young Roc]
10 Sayitainttone - Callin Me (Feat. Front Paije) [Prod. By Pc & The Olympicks]
11 Sayitainttone - In A Daze Dj Bj3525 (Feat. Clay, Hbk, Dusty Mcfly, Shorty Da Prince, Earlly Mac & Crispy Quis) [Prod. By Young Roc]
12 Sayitainttone - 500 Million Dollar Man [Prod. By The Olympicks]
13 Sayitainttone - Can I Live [Prod. By Ke & Ice Pick]
14 Sayitainttone - Western Conference Allstar [Prod. By Key Wane]
15 Sayitainttone - Meet The Devil Via Marz [Prod. By D Elliot]

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