September 7th - Lakers 2009 World Champions Mixtape

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This is my latest release "Lakers 2009 World Champions Mixtape" it's a musical celebration of the Lakers 15th title win as a franchise. I have been a Laker fan since 1988 as a kid and shall forever remain. I put this project together for my fellow Laker fans (and haters) to enjoy throughout our championship summer of 2009, I encourage you to send to a fellow Laker fan or hater... download, burn, support and provide feedback to me @, or Intro
2-Flo'z - Lakers Are The Champions
3-Ya Boy - We Run L.A.
4-Randy Newman - I Love L.A.
5-Flo'z - Close Ya Mouth (Orlando Maggots)
6-Conflict - Feelin' Like A Laker
7-Lil Wayne - Kobe Bryant
8-A.J. - Let's Go
9-Kobe & Phil Interlude
10-Jay Rock - Go Lakers
11-Stacee Adamz feat. Southside, Phenom & Bamboo (HUX FAM) - Lakers (Prod. By Young Prince & Purp)
12-Flo'z feat. C-Los - Legacy
13-K-Boy - Live From Staples Center (Prod. by Andrew Lloyd)
14-Do We Have A Problem Interlude
15-Flo'z - Houston We Have A Problem
16-Spider Loc feat. Silent Jay - L.A. Lakers
17-Flo'z - This Ain't War
18-Jizzm - Born Warrior
19-Flo'z - Where We Belong
20-Tha Mexakinz - Los Lakers (Prod. By Elusive)
21-Mr. Capone-E - Lakers Anthem
22-Flo'z - Ring Chasers
23-Tuff - Go Lakers
24-Flo'z - Not Now, Not Ever
25-Techniec - 4 Ring Kobe
26-Ngafish - Fadin' Them All (Prod. By Unstable) Outro


28-Flo'z - Buck Foston

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Go Lakers!

Hell yea!! I told u bitch ass niggas on here that the Lakers were gonn take it this year. Nuggets have no chance....they will not win a championship any time soon with that coach. The only team that the lakers have to worry about are the Celtics. The lakers will be around for at least 4 to five more years.....more championships to come. I wanna see Cavs and lakers for next years championship game.

Who cares?

And WWE(WWF) wrestling isn't a setup either.
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FUCK LAKERS!that shit is over no one cares about nba son,shit is all fucked up and rigged .Besides lets talk L.A football....oh my bad guess you wont make a mixtape for that, EVER!, HAHAHA
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That cover

That cover aged Kobe like 20 years damn.. Nigga look like he about 60 [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

holy shit.. this is one of

holy shit.. this is one of the dumbest mixtapes i've heard all year.. the guy is named jizzm on #18?? cmon.. you can't be serious..


LOL. i'm a afraid it be like that nowadays.
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