Trap-A-Holics Presents Cincinnatis Flee - Balling Like Kobe (Lakers Edition Vol 1)

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1. Intro - Produced by Mr. Green
2. We Put the City on the Map (ft. Shai the Black Ghost) -
Produced by Lil'
3. Realer Than Real (ft. Lil' Meta) - Produced by 49
4. Shorty Got Body - Produced J Dizzy a.k.a. The Franchise
5. Exotic (ft. K.O., Neo a.k.a. Da Matrix, and Norman
Bates/LT)- Produced by
Mike Da Rockman
6. Bass in the Trunk - Produced by Mr. Green
7. Ballin' Like Kobe - Produced by Cincinnati's
8. Dope Boy - Produced by 49 Keys
9. Traffic Non-Stop (ft. Cheeks a.k.a. FatFace Gangsta) -
Produced by DOC -
10. Niggas Gone Hate (ft. Shai the Black Ghost) - Produced
by Cincinnati's
11. Fruity - Produced by Mike Da Rockman
12. Freezer - Produced by Yardie Ent./J. Wright
13. My Gun's Gone Crazy - Produced by Cincinnati's
14. Gettin' It Off - Produced by Cincinnati's Flee
15. Doppest Dude Out (ft. Overdose) - Produced by
Cincinnati's Flee
16. Work Ya Body - Produced by Cincinnati's Flee
17. Top 5 - Produced by Mr. Green
18. VVS Chain - Produced by Lil' Nati
19. Outro - Produced by J. Dizzy

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Only real MUTHAFUCKERZ from the WEST can "ball" like Kobe!
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U Idiot

A-Town, Zone 3 Bitch!!!!!!! Kobe ain't from L.A. and neither is anyone else besides Jordan Farmar from Cali, so ball like who??? Jordan Farmar???
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who givs a shit were you are from, just look at paul pierce, he fucked us up in the finals (i was there to see it unlike you poor fucks watching it on TV, get some season tickets bitches) and he is really from LA (Inglewood to be exact a stones throw away from where i saw my first live game, "fagg for real O'neals" first game in the Forum). Jordan "valley boy" Farmar, lets keep this shit clear is from the valley and that isnt LA altough part of LA county, its the fucking valley, people who are from cali or have even been here, or know how to do research accually know that or could find it out, in other words you would have to leave zone 3 or at least know how to use google which it doesnt look like you will ever do or know. by the way, i wish i could be there in two sundays when we stomp your hawks into the ground again. why dont you idiots stick to talkin about the tape, is it good or bad, that is all you fucks are good for, not real knowledge
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You dont have to be from la

You dont have to be from la to ball like kobe but the fact of the matter is that Vicious from Lake Charles, La. who was down with Pimp C & UGK did an album called I Ball Like Kobe back in 2002 and that bitch jam!!! If you into that real nigga shit not that get on t.v. and act hard fake shit. So I'll have to see whos is better

shits hot

Real Trap Shit !