September 7th Presents M.I.A. - MINDFVCK

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1-Steppin' Up
2-Bucky Done Gone (Little Computer People RMX)
3-Boys RMX feat. Wale & Jay-Z
5-Paper Planes (Scottie B RMX)
7-Bamboo Banga
9-10 Dollar
10-XXXO RMX feat. Jay-Z
11-Galangrox (Xerox RMX)
13-Who's Going To Find The Pot Party (DJ BC/Gloria Gaynor RMX)
14-Pull Up The People
16-Bachelorette Fire (Aggro1/Bjork RMX)
17-Tell Me Why
18-Paper Planes RMX feat. Bun-B & Rich Boy
19-Teqkilla RMX feat. Niki Minaj
21-Come Around feat. Timbaland
terrorist style!!!!
22-Born Free

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anyone know if this is any good?

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im on the hunt for the new j cole,wiz kalifa and anything else thats good,where it at?whoever said this site is up to date on the good shit dont know what they talkin bout....lmao
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gettin too close to season, but

I imagine this would be something cool to smoke too..[Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]
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not my forte.. not awful like an e-40 tape but hmmmmmmm 3/10.. just food for thought i dl and then deleted after 2 min of scanning.
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Its Different

I tried to listen to this so I could give a good review, but i couldn't listen to it all the way through, i got to track six and gave up. Its just not my type of music. I don't wanna make people think its not good, it was just too different for me to get into. The production is unique but has a touch of disco or trance type music,and September 7th did a good job at mixing and he didn't drop a lot of shout outs during her songs. I don't know, i'll give it a 4 ...
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u said it..

couldnt have worded it better myself
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E40 sucks?

No mang i dont think so E40 is far from awful. Nigga dont act like a Biitch!!! Naw man im just messing that song is tight tho. E40 is a muthafuckin west coast legend my friend i cant believe you said he is worse then thiz bitch. You need to hit up tha click and the old fourty water shiz mang E40 is way legit.
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darkside vol. 1

that fat joe album decent that track called i am crack shit hard, and the track called kilo with the clipse and cam'ron every body ripped that shit no just sayn
thatsthatshit's picture

Fat joe is the shit. J.O.S.E

Fat joe is the shit. J.O.S.E is my shit. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
SC Scotty T 23's picture

what? BITCH!

dude e40 is whack, never been nice, never will be.. bet your fav cds are lil zane, soulja boy, that bs chris banga shit.. get in tune or get the fuck through.. STRAIGHT GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAGE!

I know two legends that suck. E40 and too short.

They both suck. The west and south have been giving props to rappers that suck for decades. As long as your from their area they like you. They could care less if you have any talent. See the current state of hip hop and the point is proven.


i think too short's Get In Where You Fit In was one of those albums thats a classic, as well as 40's In A Major Way. But im from the west coast so my opinions a bit slanted. If you were from the bay you'd understand


i don't see the logic in this bullshit...40 water is the original game innovator best slang spitter in the whole damn game. he done tracks with damn near everybody in rap and he is garbage? put the hyphy shit aside 40 has been on a major label for years and years puttin out ghetto gold plaques.
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all fun bro

just talking shit..
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This Bitchs Lip Is Asher Then A Blak Person's Elbow..But Good Track By The Way. $Tha 1 Hit Killa$
thatsthatshit's picture

Asher? Did you enroll in

Asher? Did you enroll in school Mr southwest or have you been an illegal this whole time here and couldnt? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
bole420's picture


that dude mad dumb, outta 30 some niggas in a apartment cant nobody spell
Corleone713's picture

Was That Post To Be Funny?

And 30 People? Im About to live on my Own Lil Nikka Thats What Happens When you join the navy, Fenda be 18 And already having a crib On my own.
thatsthatshit wrote:
Asher? Did you enroll in school Mr southwest or have you been an illegal this whole time here and couldnt? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
$Tha 1 Hit Killa$
bluntsworth's picture

quit lying again man. You

quit lying again man. You know damn well they dont let fat muah fuckas like you in the navy?
thatsthatshit's picture

I hope you can pass that

I hope you can pass tha asvab you ol fuckin retard ass mo fucka. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Corleone713 wrote:
join the navy
Better start exercising.... or go on a diet haha -I'd Rather Bang Screw-
bole420's picture

you a navy lie.

you know damn well you going to fat camp fool...
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that nigga couldn't get manager at the popcorn station tryna join the navy~frayser boy track chopped and screwed by me
corndog's picture


Can't believe someone hasn't commented on the symbolism yet. Propaganda or not, this illuminati shit is everywhere.. I'm with Tupac on this one. -R.I.P. Guru (Gang Starr)-
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i guess no one noticed because of how crazy she was looking on the cover
spokompton's picture


all homo...thats why on the cover the adams apple shaded look like one of those Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom kids all grown and gay
thatsthatshit's picture

Co sign

Haha this nigga rite here went off. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout


i DL this tape yest,i skipped most of it
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bc its garbage.. shout out to e40 fans.. fucking losers.. fat fuck, broke like hammer
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you know what sucks?

a good woman..haha
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that's why it's called MINDFVCK you dumb fvcks!!!!!!!!!!

If you like M.I.A. then this is a must D/L even though it's mostly recycled album stuff. Her music does fvck with your head no doubt but if you are open to different shit then this shit bangs! M.I.A. is one crazy way out there sexy bitch and she is making serious paper with some heavyweight players in this game so you gotta respect that! And different she is. Paper Planes was epic. IF YOU DON'T KNOW MIA'S MUSIC BUT YOU CAN LISTEN TO SOME CRAZY HEAD FVCK SHIT NOW AND AGAIN THEN GIVE THIS TAPE A GO. IT IS DEFINITELY A MINDFVCK................ PEACE PEOPLE