Shop Boyz - Gift And A Curse (Hosted By DJ Smallz)

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01 Shop Boyz - Gift And A Curse [Prod. By Beat Monster Mark]
02 Shop Boyz - Money [Prod. By Beat Monster Mark]
03 Shop Boyz - Our Secret [Prod. By Cash Clay & Peety Weestraw]
04 Shop Boyz - My Nigga's [Prod. By Protocal]
05 Shop Boyz - On And On [Prod. By Supa Crank It]
06 Shop Boyz - Sack Right [Prod. By Protocal]
07 Shop Boyz - Love A Thug [Prod. By Archie Utmos Asiah]
08 Shop Boyz - Stressed Bout No Money [Prod. By Beat Monster Mark]
09 Shop Boyz - What Ur Drankin' [Prod. By Beat Monster Mark]
10 Shop Boyz - Come Back [Prod. By Beat Monster Mark]
11 Shop Boyz - Touch It (Feat. Shawty Lo) [Prod. By Young Mercy]
12 Shop Boyz - Best Fck [Prod. By Beat Monster Mark]
13 Shop Boyz - Ur Body [Prod. By Supa Crank It]
14 Shop Boyz - Feel My Pain [Prod. By Supa Crank It]
15 Shop Boyz - Dream On [Prod. By Tariq Of 206]
16 Shop Boyz - Shine [Prod. By Archie Utmos Asiah]
17 Shop Boyz - Money On You [Prod. By Preston Broughton Of Black Akademi Productions]
18 Shop Boyz - Wanna See It [Prod. By Protocal]

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