Short Dawg - Southern Flame Spitta Vol. 3 (Hosted By DJ Holiday, DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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01. 3rd Times a Charm
02. Ice Cream Paint Freestyle
03. Champion Freestyle
04. Stuntin On Hoes
05. Boy I Got So Many Freestyle
06. Just Wanna Hit feat Tyga Lil Wayne
07. La La La Freestyle
08. Come Down the Pole feat Mack Maine
08. Im Still Fly
10. Goin In Freestyle
11. Big Deal Freestyle
12. Bobble Head
13. Feelin on Ya Booty Interlude
14. Always Strapped feat Blu-Mega
14. Slow It Down feat Drake
16. Ego feat Lambo Lux
16. Got it 4 Da Low
17. Big Faces
17. I Got Paper feat Lil Twist
18. Outro
18. SouthernFlameSpitta feat Blu-Mega
19. Check My Stats
21. Choosin Me feat Sterling Simms

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Dude is nice for a

Dude is nice for a youngster, kinda remind me of lil chuckee... not a must but its nice
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he bout grown ass hell
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this is a pretty solid mixtape young money got a pretty good roster but it was bout time to sign short dawg all them songs him and wayne got
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ay peoples check me out at

MAN I WANT TO BE WIT YOUNG MONEY SO BAD !!!!! but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think...add me...I WOULD APPRECIATE IT J Sax