Sinatra - The Black Trash Bags Story (Hosted By DJ Drama & DJ Sense)

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Bonus: Gucci Mane ft. Young LA - I Put That On Everything | Gucci Mane ft. Busta Rhymes & Shawty Lo - Do It

01 Intro
02 Champagne Wishes & Kushified Dreams (prod. by Sinatra)
03 Black Trash Bags (feat. Snow, prod. by Sinatra)
04 Back Against the Wall (feat. Lyss Vokills, prod. by Snow)
05 Exec Gang (feat. Snow, prod. by Sinatra)
06 Back to da Money Interlude (feat. Snow, prod. by Sinatra)
07 Fly Shit (feat. Snow, prod. by Snow)
08 Get It How I Live (prod. by Sinatra)
09 Got Damn (feat. Lyss Vokills, prod. by Sinatra)
10 It Is Wut It Is (feat. T-Baby and Snow, prod. by Sinatra)
11 Movie (feat. Lyss Vokills, prod. by Billionaire Boyscout)
12 Soufside (Cash Rules) (prod. by B Banga)
13 Money in the Bag (feat. Willie the Kid, prod. by Sinatra)
14 Rollin (prod. by Sinatra)
15 Money On Ya Mind Interlude (prod. by B Banga)
16 Stoppin the Show (feat. Shawn C, prod. by Sinatra)
17 What We Came Fo (Remember) (prod. by Snow)
18 Takin It (feat. AGT, prod. by Sinatra)
19 Too Young to Die (feat. Nick Vido, prod. by Sinatra)
20 Black Trash Bags Pt. 2 (prod. by Sinatra)
21 What They Know (prod. by Sinatra)
22 Nobody (prod. by Sinatra) - BONUS
23 Presidential Kush (prod. by Sinatra) - BONUS

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