Snoop Dogg - Puff Puff Pass Tuesdays (Mixtape Vol 1)


01 Snoop Dogg Intro
02 Snoop Dogg Gangbang Rookie (Feat. Pilot)
03 Snoop Dogg Purp & Yellow (La Leaker Skeetox Mix) (Feat. Game)
04 Snoop Dogg I Don't Need No Bitch (Feat. Devin The Dude & Kobe)
05 Snoop Dogg In The Cadlliac (Feat. Daz & Hustle Boyz)
06 Snoop Dogg That Good (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
07 Snoop Dogg Platinum (Feat. R. Kelly)
08 Snoop Dogg Wet (G-Mix) (Feat. Jim Jones & Shawty Lo)
09 Snoop Dogg El Lay (Feat. Marty James)
10 Snoop Dogg In My '64 (Feat. Game & Pharrell)
11 Snoop Dogg Really Raw (Feat. Tyga, Game, & Pharrell)
12 Snoop Dogg Raised In Da Hood
13 Snoop Dogg New Year's Eve (Feat. Marty James)
14 Snoop Dogg Respect The Pimpin' (Feat. Too Short, Silk-E, & Elijah Baker)
15 Snoop Dogg Toot It & Boot It (G-Mix) (Feat. Yg & 50 Cent)
16 Snoop Dogg Exercize (Feat. Terrace Martin)
17 Snoop Dogg Its D Only Thang
18 Snoop Dogg Black & Yellow (G-Mix) (Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, & T-Pain)
19 Snoop Dogg Dirty Dancer (Feat. Trey Songz)
20 Snoop Dogg We Ain't Gotta Go (Feat. Terrace Martin & J. Black)

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who cares if u down or not..

can u tell us if its good or not and explain why??
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why dont you do it

you know since you need other peoples opinions to download shit.*Fuck Your Comments*

Why dont u?

I dont wana download every fucking tape that gets uploaded in here. Thats why they build this comment box for ppl to review this mixtapes. WTF do me & Dninc gotta do everything up in here?? stupid worthless bloggers just takin up space. GTFOH with ur two weak azz labs on ur avatar faggot!! lol
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shut the fuck up

these are pit bull you blind bastard. talking bout weak avatars is that not a dallas cowgirs pic? the most underrated nfl team ever lmao!!! and yeah this shit is hott same ol snoop bitchess. *Fuck Your Comments*


Them mutts look like they mixed with lab homie? U should see my blue Gotti bloodline, now dats a pit. His chest is prolly bigger than urs brah! Real talk. Got dat beast str8 out of San Berdino CA for only 2K.


The mixtape is good, SHIT! YOU HAPPY?! " ...BIAATCH! "
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i know the pic is small

But if you think they are anything but pit either you dont know what a full blood pit look like or you just talking shit. I bred pits and have sold 48 of them here in charlotte. the white one is american statffordshire and the other is budweiser crusher/red nose."Gotti" and "RazorsEdge" are names of a bloodline,dogs that have pitbull IN THEM,and are passed off as pitbulls because they have massive heads and chests. They are mixed with a variety of "bully breeds" english bulldogs, olde english bulldogs, american statffordshire.
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You have a site?

You have a site?
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I dont I posted ads in Charlotte Observer classified and craigslist when I was breeding.*Fuck Your Comments*


How much u sell 'em for? They look weak as hell WTF u feed them scraps? I wouldnt pay no more than 2 bills for those.
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you know what

why dont you post a pic of your dog. if you scared private message me with a pic. most "high price bloodlines" like your dog are products of inbreeding. but they try and call it line breeding, its like you fucking ya grandma and one of you kids fucks you grandpa and so on to get those dominate chest and head features.most of this shit will be right on front street on your dogs papers. they are all related to the champion stud.and lets not forget gotti aint even full blood pit them shits is mixed with bulldog. i know all the tricks about pits lets see a pic of yours. and dont go on google taking gotti pit bull images, show one of you with your dog. you should have a digital camera if you got a 2000 dollar dog. *Fuck Your Comments*


Scare of what nigga?? I'll show u my pit no problem. Shit i take him to dog shows all the time and won a couple of times! I dunno why u wana see a nigga for that shit sounds homo? I'll show u my Pit tho. Whats ur e-mail address??
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u dont need my email

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We cant pm pictures on this site dumbass nigga, if u want to see it i need ur e-mail to send u the pics fool! I'll even send u one my dick if u want? lol
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pictures are sent

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haha this how mixtape torrent niggas act yo. *Fuck Your Comments*


Dat shit was fucking hilarious!! Dat fat nigga looks like dat nigga with the long ankle shorts u had on ur avatar awhile back before u replaced it with them labs after i clowned on ur gear remember?? Did u make this video? Yo man dat shit is funny!! Next u should make one of niggaz dat jump on other peoples conversations and then end up catchin feelings after they get smothered with words. Yeah dat would be a good one HAHAHAHA..
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starts bitchin about leaving comments on a tape then starts jerking off to some uggly ass dogs. fuck u AND yo mutts-010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT-
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yo son yo son im bout to get my laptop lmao~from 757 to 214 p town to d town~
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LOL.. Shit's funny.. Aye if ya'll looking to have a website for selling pitt's and get it/them marketed/advertised. hit me up via PM. i build Pro affordable Websites, or just go to my site

snoop dogg

go hard for the game because he been in the game sinc 90

snoop dogg

got love for the rap game


Now this is some REAL west coast shit. Snoop put it down. Pure pimpin. 10/10. This shit is on point. " ...BIAATCH! "
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This shit was better than i

This shit was better than i thought. I was expecting this shit to more commercial than anything! 7.5/10 ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!
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Pretty Hard

Got some good tracks.Wescoast Gangbang Music!Buster!
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thanks snoop for holdin it down for the west

instant classic 10/10