Southern Style DJs - Trap Muzik Pt 3

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1. Real DJs Intro - Southern Style DJs
2. DJ Montay Intro - DJ Montay
3. Put On - Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West
4. Interlude - Rick Ross
5. Break - Southern Style DJs
6. Foolish - Shawty Lo
7. Like Dis Here - Rocko
8. Aint I - Yung LA
9. A Millie - Lil Wayne
10. Break - Southern Style DJs
11. A Millie - Lil Wayne
12. Gangsta - Bun B
13. Baby D Checkin' In - Baby D
14. Put Me In The Freezer - Baby D feat. Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo
15. I Know You Like Dat - Yola
16. Born and Raised - Rick Ross
17. No Matter What - T.I
18. American Gangster Interlude
19. DJ Khaled Intro - DJ Khaled
20. Dope Man - T.I.
21. Unknown - Unknown
22. Interlude - Southern Style DJs
23. Out Here Grindin' - DJ Khaled feat. Rick Ross
24. I Run This - Birdman feat. Lil Wayne
25. Got Money - Lil Wayne
26. Who Hotter Than Me - Plies
27. No Lie - Yung Ralph
28. Add Me Up - .9th Ward
29. Break - Shawty Lo
30. Put It In The Air - Baby D
31. Wrist Out The Window - Rich Boy
32. That's Whats Up - Yo Gotti
33. Who Dat Dere - Yung Berg
34. Certified Remix - Glasses Malone feat. Akon
35. Undeniable Talent - Lil Boosie
36. Foolish Remix - Shawty Lo
37. You Gotta Love It - Baby D
38. Never Too Much - Gucci Mane

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A millie? Is it July?
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Dani Boi wrote:
A millie? Is it July?
This mixtape isn't recent... and if you like listening to Southern Style DJs, whether it's new or old has nothing to do with it.

lil wayne

look at lil waynes pic n tell me he dont look like he just won a bronze in the special olympics. doofy ass nikka couldnt get my slide off witout his money rockin that ugly mug..1



the truth

first of all thanks big oomp 4 this submit keep them comin. second, if u r unfamiliar with these guys they r known 4 their creative blends. they will take any song and give it new life. i have been a die hard fan since the 90s. if u know real music, real skillz, and real blends check these guys out. dont judge by the tracklist...u gotta listen trust me...

this one is one of the best

this one is one of the best ive heard since 'southern comfort' and 'dj in the mist'. keep the southern style djs comming! how the fuck do SSDJS mix so good clean smooth? listin to ANY of those other blend tapes and they all sound like my 2 year old daughter mixed them compared to SSDJS!

damn this was posted on Oct

damn this was posted on Oct 30th, i shooda played this at my halloween party! crunk as fuck! thank you once again montay