Southern Style DJs - U Aint Heard Pt 2

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01 Gangsta Boo - Intro 01:07
02 Baby D - Mega Mix Feat. Gotta Love it 00:40
03 Baby D - Mega Mix Feat. Gotta Love it 02:25
04 Shawty Lo - Foolish (Produced by the Oomp Camp) 02:49
05 Baby D - Big Boy Rims (Exclusive) 01:27
06 Rocko - Tomorrow 03:23
07 Young Jeezy - National Anthem (New Heat) 02:03
08 Rick Ross - I'm the Boss (Southern Style Remix) 02:56
09 Lil Wayne - I'm A Beast (that Newness) 02:09
10 Young Jeezy - Hood Figga Verse 00:54
11 Lil Wayne - They Just Talkn Bout it (New) 02:02
12 Juvenile - Act Like You Know Me (New) 01:01
13 Jay-Z - Hello Brooklyn (Southern Style Remix) 00:56
14 Rick Ross - Maybach Music Feat. Jay-Z 03:44
15 Backbone - Mount Up (Swagger Remix) 01:44
16 Rocko - Busy 02:38
17 Baby D - Put Me in the Freezer (Exclusive) 01:45
18 Bloodraw - Louie Bag Feat. Young Jeezy 02:39
19 Dem Franchise Boys - I Know Why Your Mad (New Street Heat) 02:51
20 Flo Rida - American Superstar Feat. Lil Wayne 02:48
21 Ace - Cash Flow Feat. T-Pain, Rick Ross (New Florida Heat) 04:20
22 Bailey - I Got Bands 03:28
23 Rick Ross - Luxury Tax Feat. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Trick Daddy 04:40
24 Rocko - Trap Party 04:41
25 Shawty Redd - the Pusherman Feat. Fiend & Gucci Mane 03:52
26 Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Remix Feat. Scarface & Nas 04:06
27 Lil Wayne - I'm Me 04:53
28 Young Jeezy Feat. Baby D - Air Forces Remix (DJ Jelly Throwback) 05:20

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Man Dis Shit Is Older Than

Man Dis Shit Is Older Than My Grandma! Hood Figga?, Louie Bag?, I'm Me? Come on man! At least make an effort to put some new shit out...

these are southern style djs

these are southern style djs remixes....some of the dopest DJs in the game its all about mixing and blending...EDUCATE yourself the age of the track has nothing to do with it! this is DOPE

yea werd nigga...flyguy,

yea werd nigga...flyguy, nigga educate yourself before making stupid comments, southern style djs tear shit up. go to their site and hear parts of their older mixtapes..thug mix 2007-fire pac blends
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I agree... they are fire...

It seems to take forever for their tapes to hit this site. They must be runnin' this shit from the inside. lol

shit you aint heard

i live in Atlanta and went to their store on the regular before they location. if you buy their newest mix tapes and mix dvds its mostly shit you aint heard yet! who ever uploads southern style mixtapes keep em comming!!