Superstar Jay - I Am Mixtapes 34

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2.50 Cent Freestyle
3.Lil Wayne Let The Bedrock Feat Nicki Manji Drake Young Money
4.Jadakiss Freestyle
5.Julez Santana Back To The Crib Feat Chris Brown
6.Maino My Black Bandanna Feat Lloyd Banks
7.Jay Z Talks About Lil Mama Coming On Stage
8.Young Dose Fabolous Where They Do That At Feat Rick Ross
9.Young Jezzy Freestyle
10.Ali Vegas D.O.A
11.Styles P Invasion Feat Jadakiss
12.Clap Cognac Trapmatic Feat Fb
13.Lil Wayne I Want You
14.Jim Jones Hohcie Coo
15.T.I. King On The Seat Feat Young Dro
16.Consequence The More I Get Feat Rick Ross
17.Styles P Freestyle
18.Jim Jones Chubbie Baby Feddy Young Dro
19.Sheek Louch Who The Fuck Feat Bully
20.Rawdoggz Let It Go
21.John John Freestyle Unsigned Artist Of The Week
22.Ron Paul One For The Money Feat K-Phats Hot Track Of The Week
23.Diamante So Exotic Single Of The Week
24.Tommy 2 Face Freestyle
25.Sgt War We Got It Feat Chryme Boss
26.50 Cent Freestyle
27.Joell Ortiz Freestyle

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This Shit Got Some Bangers!

This whole mixtape is nice but these are the standout tracks to me: 15.T.I. King On The Set Feat Young Dro 16.Consequence The More I Get Feat Rick Ross 17.Styles P Freestyle(Who is the other emcee on this track?) 18.Jim Jones Chubbie Baby Feddy Young Dro(Dro's & Ross' verse) 19.Sheek Louch Who The Fuck Feat Bully 20.Rawdoggz Let It Go 27.Joell Ortiz Freestyle ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Tony Moxberg

I am pretty sure that other artist on that Styles P. track is Tony Moxberg, somebody correct me if i am wrong. track757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Yall Niggas Wack As Fuck

Who Tha Fuck Listens Ta 50,jadakiss,styles P, etc I mean Maybe For That Cracka Up There ^^^ Listens To This So He Can Fit In.....But Danm Dont Them East Coast Niggas Relize That Tha South Runs Tha Rap Game?
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How are you going to hate on

How are you going to hate on d-block? You must not know what real hip-hop don't matter who you think is running can't front on good music Jada and Styles are top 10 ALIVE easy in my opinion...acting like you ain't never bumped Get Rich or Die Trying, and go listen to the old 50 mixtapes and shit even some of his newer shit has been good i can't even front. Go listen to Money, Power, Respect, We Are The Streets, their tracks on all the Ride or Dies. New York ain't fell off yet quit hating. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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I Am Hip Hop

I listen to what the fukk I wanna listen to & nobody will make me be any different. I fukk wit' hip hop, reggae, R&B, go go, alternative, a lil' metal, some gospel and even some house or techno when I'm rollin'. What is wack to you is YOUR damn opinion but don't try & downplay my musical tastes just because you feel some kinda way. How the fukk u gon' front on Styles P & Jadakiss anyway? U probably one of them dudes that hate when a song makes u actually THINK about what's goin' on. Shut the hell up! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

i see this nigga grinding

track 22 - i see ron paul.. hes on every fukkin mixtape... ((datz grinding))