Superstar Jay - I Am Mixtapes 49

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01 - Nightmmare On Canal Street
02 - Jim Jones Freestyle
03 - Lloyd Banks Radio Freestyle
04 - Lloyd Banks Freestyle
05 - Nas Freestyle
06 - Lil Wayne Freestyle
07 - Tl Six Deuces
08 - Beanie Sigel Loyalty
09 - Joe Budden Downfall
10 - Nicki Minaj Freestyle
11 - Lloyd Banks Freestyle
12 - Hell Rell Coward Feat Jadakiss
13 - Mobb Deep Whole Lotta Thing
14 - Clap Cognac Stop Lying Prod By Young Lo
15 - Ti Again
16 - Lil Kim Freestyle
17 - Rick Ross Super High Feat Neyo
18 - Papoose My Click
19 - Jim Jones Pa I Hit It
20 - Game Must Be
21 - Slim Moe Freestyle Unsigned Artist Of The Week
22 - Rawdoggz Wanna Rock
23 - Sgt War Where Dey Do That At Feat Chyrme Boss Scar
24 - Tommy 2 Face My Nigga Feat Outlawz
25 - Woodshelm I House You Hot Track Of The Week
26 - Shyne Messiah
27 - Young Buck I Will Work
28 - Jadakiss Till It All Falls Down

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My MAN The 2Nd SONg.?!

Is it me or your boi, JIMMY JONES just spit the HOMOEST line in the HISTORY of RAP! "AM JUST SAYING COME ON SSSOOONNN!!!!!" MuCH lOve ED! Go WAit Go Wait, and here it comes. "And I be in that MARTIN, & I'm not talking LAWERNCE! YEAH. Looks like to me my dude got HOMO TENDS after a couple of drinks, fellows becareful when Your Boi JJ In the club next time!
Mr.Southwest's picture

Nobody gives a fuck dude

Jim Jones sucks anyway ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
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Yall both some stuiped ass

Yall both some stuiped ass niggas. Ghost of rich porter is that shit. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout