DJ Scream Presents T-Rok (AKA Mr. Clean) : The Movement

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1. Intro 1:04
2. King Of City 3:43
3. 3800 Ft. Lil Cyco 3:33
4. Im The Shit Interlude 0:54
5. Im The Shit 3:44
6. Stay Wit That Toaster 1:40
7. Block And That Scale Ft. Young Capone 3:09
8. Every Nigga Got A Strap 3:05
9. You A Lame 3:19
10. Ho Nigga 3:24
11. 38 Mafia ft. Speedy Lil Cory Kano Dirty Red 4:30
12. 38 Interlude 0:44
13. Cream Ft. Lil Cory 2:55
14. Get Back Ft. Parlae Speedy 4:11
15. Fuck What A Hata Think (P-Nut) 4:07
16. Mr. Clean Im The Realest 3:30
17. I Live The Life 3:25
18. For My Hustlas Ft. C-Dirt Young Capone 2:56
19. Down Here Interlude 0:20
20. Down Here Ft. Taylor Boy Young Capone 3:27
21. Do It Like No Other 3:29
22. Outro 0:49
23. Shinin 3:42
24. Fantasy Ft. E-Dubb 4:02

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who da fuk!?

who da fuk is dis wannabe t-rock muthafukka wit a wannabe 36 mafia group called 38 mafia is dis a joke!?! n dis nigga from a-town too dat shit jus aint right man!!


38 mafia omg im not even gonna dload this......... watch it be good everytime i dont dload something it turns out to be good sounds very wack tho

this fag from the same town

this fag from the same town as THE REAL t-rock and copies his name ,,,, what a wannabe and i hope that 38 shit aint dissin 3 6 cuz no body wants another wannabe raper dissing a big name to get known.


well i guess im a mixtape junkie cause i dled it anyways, it has nothing to do with 3 6 mafia...its thirtyeight. ya'll jus addicted to beef to were you start shit for no reason. this tape is legit but i wouldnt brag that i had it b/c hes not big yet

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Straight Garbage

the subject says volumes about this bullshizzit tape. As far as rating, it gets nathan from me

where does it say 38 mafia?

where does it say 38 mafia? all it says is 38. y would that be a diss to three six mafia?


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good point, thats what i was

good point, thats what i was wondering, you all see 38 and so you assume its a dis/rip off of 36 mafia? does he actually talk about a 38 mafia? or is it just a number? either way, doesnt sound too great, i'll save my hard drive space for somethin i know will be good.

i think they was talkin bout

i think they was talkin bout track 11


14 and 11 are hot but shit i dont know if this dudes makin it big or what but shit its aight to listen to