Joell Ortiz - Pre-Agent


01 Joell Ortiz - Nissan Honda Chevy Ft. Jim Jones
02 Joell Ortiz - Sing Like Bilal
03 Joell Ortiz - Money Makes The World Go Round
04 Joell Ortiz - Power Freestyle
05 Joell Ortiz - Ill Be Good Ft. Jy And Avery Storm
06 Joell Ortiz - Work Ft. Playboy Tre
07 Joell Ortiz - Banned From The Net Ft. Big Pun And Styles P
08 Joell Ortiz - Dear Hustle Dear Summer Freestyle
09 Joell Ortiz - Missing You D-Block Tribute
10 Joell Ortiz - God Forgive Me Ft. Dj Kay Slay Jae Millz And Saigon
11 Joell Ortiz - Joell Ortiz Find Your Love Freestyle
12 Joell Ortiz - All Falls Down Freestyle
13 Joell Ortiz - Shake Freestyle
14 Joell Ortiz - Project Boy
15 Joell Ortiz - Angel Dust Freestyle
16 Joell Ortiz - Kawl Me 90S Remix Ft. Novel
17 Joell Ortiz - Its Funny How Ft. Eternia And Moss
18 Joell Ortiz - Return Of The Rican Ft. Diego Cash And Fat Joe
19 Joell Ortiz - Letter To Sanaa Our Dreams Freestyle
20 Joell Ortiz - That Work For The Streets Ft. Suss One Uncle Murder Cassidy
French Montana And Vado
21 Joell Ortiz - Kawl Me Ft. Novel
22 Joell Ortiz - Grudge Me Ft. Sir Aah Keshav And Crooked I
23 Joell Ortiz - Who Dat Freestyle
24 Joell Ortiz - Roger That Freestyle
25 Joell Ortiz - Drunk
26 Joell Ortiz - We Dont Believe You Ft. Joe Budden And Novel
27 Joell Ortiz - Lemonade Freestyle
28 Joell Ortiz - Prowler Ft. Ski Beatz Jean Grae Jay Electronia And Mos Def
29 Joell Ortiz - Stomp Thur Ft. Smif N Wesson And Rock

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My Favorite Rapper Wears a Skirt

It's good to see Eternia on here.


you already know
who cares's picture

this official?

this official?
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i dont think its official

i mean if it was official why the fuck would he have nissan honda chevy on here lmao but anyway dis tape is fire ortiz always goes hard ~DIVIDE AND CONQUER~
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this dude aite i didnt d/l this...but royce 5 9 the best one outta them dudes
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Dont know about that

Crooked-I's a beast. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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royce is the best

but that joint on here kawl me goes so hard!!! pause.*Fuck Em All*
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yea Royce my fav out tha

yea Royce my fav out tha group too. But Kawl Me is also my fav Joell track
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BK Bullshit is my fav

BK Bullshit is my fav

crazyy....Joell ortiz holds

crazyy....Joell ortiz holds slaughterhouse down....then royce da 5'9 and joe buddons fight for 2nd
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Aint big on that up north shit but i jus DL moodmuzik 3 jus bcuz da cover of 4 n da niggas comments!N BUDDEN rippin dat bitch but i fucks wit ORTIZ everytime i c him on sum i gotta get it.BUDDEN i bn fuckin wit but ill pass him up sumtime but afta dat MOODMUZIK 3 im fina DL da rest ov em.

Dude is....

Dude is Nice!!!!!!!!!!Opionated world brings opinionated thoughts.....
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NY for ever

most of the tracks are on the "Me,myself and i" mixtape "There's a war going on outside"
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I liked it! 8/10

Some decent tracks on here, good shit Joell! Haha that 'shake' track is top dollar. Peace. ***REAL RECOGNISE REAL***

crazyy....Joell ortiz holds

crazyy....Joell ortiz holds slaughterhouse down....then royce da 5'9 and joe buddons fight for 2nd [/quote] Commercial, catchy beats, and radio play doesnt make a rapper good...TALENTED LYRICS DO..!!
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Lyricism at it's finest

And Ortiz is one of the dopest lyricists of the past 5 years he brings me back to da Rakim days when he spits. The way old heads talk to this generation about Rakim KRS One and Big Daddy Kane,In a decade we'll be talkin to youngins bout Ortiz as well as the rest of sluaghterhouse. It just seems to me that Joell is a better pure lyricist ~Bring Me Lyrics,Or Bring Me Death~

90% old songs

But a damn good mix if you don't know joell ortiz yet1 Real Hip hop!