Tay Dizm - Point Em Out


01 Point Em Out
02 Going Crazy
03 Dance Like A Stripper
04 Loose Cannon
05 Hit The Sky
06 What It Is
07 Spaceship
08 Dro
09 Everything
10 Beatin
11 Shawty You Da Best
12 Florida

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nahh u gets no play.. t-pain

nahh u gets no play.. t-pain hommie is whack$lauderdale bra bra$
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isnt dis nigga like t pain's brother or something? i know his signed to nappy boy & konvit
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Straight embarrassment to my

Straight embarrassment to my culture...smh...(Make sure you listen to God also)
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    Go here and listen to the TRUTH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5vqY5IEcHg
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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i thought this nigga was lil jon for a min. haha!!

PRT and Timothy Taylor been

PRT and Timothy Taylor been speaking truth since day 1. I'm glad you put that up. each 1 teach 1
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Each one

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nice, thnx

The link was very much appreciated, i learnt much. ~♫♪►~ The Music Fiend ~►♪♫~ ♠Skeet Skeet Skeet♠
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wackness.....Florida stand

wackness.....Florida stand up!!!
954antlauderdaleboi's picture

dis nigga get no play in

dis nigga get no play in otown ha bra bra$lauderdale bra bra$
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fuck dis nigga where Young Cash at?

[Nigga Don't act Like a Bitch!]
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Yup he gets no play n da

Yup he gets no play n da cola either.....Florida stand da fukk up



dis nigga str8 ass...

dis nigga str8 ass... BREVARD COUNTY STAND UP 321 !!!!!! "Jerzy - FLA - Pa"
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Hes like the same as t-pain. might be somethin to roll to. hahaha. but nothin really to listen to sober.

Braids: The best thing to ever happen to ugly dudes.

Like Gucci and Wack Ass are the best things to happen to retards.
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dont even have to listen
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Nope, this ain't it... Follow me at www.extasytube.com