The Diggers Union Local 1200 Presents - You Call That Digging Vol. 1


1. DJ Unexpected- Can You Dig It? (Intro)
2. Turbulence- Notorious (Dubplate)

DJ Casper aka The 1200 Terrorist (Tampa, FL) “The TAMPA Proof Mix”

3. Average White Band- Schoolboy Crush
4. Fun Lovin’ Criminals- Microphone Fiend
5. Eric B & Rakim- Microphone Fiend
6. Busta Rhymes- Dangerous (DJ Casper Remix)
7. Big Punisher- Off The Books (DJ Casper Remix)
8. Breakestra- Family Rap
9. Stetsasonic- Sally (DJ Casper Remix)
10. Dyke & The Blazers- Let A Woman Be A Woman (Let A Man Be A Man)
11. Indeep- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (DJ Casper Remix)
12. James Brown- Funky President (DJ Casper Remix)
13. The Sugarhill Gang- Sugarhill Groove
14. Michael Jackson- Rock With You (DJ Casper Remix)
15. MC Shy-D- Shy-D Is Back

DJ Osk (Zurich, Switzerland) “For The Love Of Hip-Hop”

16. Mobb Deep- Lifestyles Of The Infamous (Demo)
17. Consequence- Q U E another E N S (DJ Osk Remix)
18. Ol’ Dirty Bastard- Take It Back To Brooklyn (Demo)
19. Joell Ortiz- Hip-Hop (DJ Osk Remix)
20. Keith Murray- ‘Cause I’m Keefy Keef (Demo)
21. Method Man & Redman- Dangerous MC’s (Remix Prod. By DJ Osk)

DJ Crazy Chris (West Virginia) “Bellevue Blends”

22. DMX- CC Gonna Give It To Ya (DJ CC Remix)
23. Pilot- Magic (DJ CC Remix)
24. Ice Cube Feat. DMX & Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5- The Message Of Clubbin’ (DJ CC Remix)
25. Naughty By Nature- Holiday (DJ CC Remix)
26. Jimi Hendrix Feat. Mobb Deep- Twisted Lady (DJ CC Remix)
27. Golden Earring Feat. Kool G Rap- Lifestyles Of Radar Love (DJ CC Remix)
28. Earth, Wind & Fire Feat. Zhane- Hey Mr. Shining Star (DJ CC Remix)
29. Journey Feat. Outkast- Wheels Of Steel In The Sky (DJ CC Remix)

Hevehitta (Poughkeepsie, NY) “Golden State Gems”

30. Hevehitta- Go West, Young Man (Intro)
31. Eazy-E & MC Ren- Bring The Noise Freestyle (Rare)
32. Snoop Doggy Dogg- True To The Game (Unreleased)
33. Snoop Doggy Dogg- The Message Freestyle (Rare)
34. The CIA Crew- Il-Legal (Ice Cube’s First 12?)

(The Legendary) DJ Showtime (Harlem, NY) “I Am Legend”

35. DJ Showtime- The Urban Legend (Intro)
36. Brand Nubian- All For One (DJ Showtime Remix)
37. Eric B & Rakim- Eric B Is President (DJ Showtime Remix)
38. Willie Hutch- Brothers Gonna Work It Out (DJ Showtime Remix)
39. LL Cool J Feat. Method Man & Redman- 4,3,2,1 (DJ Showtime Remix)
40. 2 Pac- Sleep (DJ Showtime Remix)

Scratchmasta Jazzy G (The Bronx, NY) “The B-Boy Stance Mix”

41. Break #1
42. Break #2
43. Break #3
44. Break #4
45. Break #5
46. Break #6
47. Break #7
48. Break #8
49. Break #9
50. Break #10
51. Break #11
52. Break #12

DJ Unexpected (The Bronx, NY) “Surprises Galore”

53. DJ Unexpected- Surprise Attack (Intro)/Break #1
54. Johnnie Taylor- You’re The Best Girl In The World
55. Break #2
56. Diana Ross- I’m Coming Out (DJ Unexpected Remix)
57. Break #3
58. Break #4
59. Break #5

DJ Rob Shock (The Bronx, NY) “These Are (Not) The (Ultimate) Breaks”

60. DJ Rob Shock- The Foundation Intro
61. Break #1
62. Break #2
63. Break #3
64. Break #4
65. Break #5
66. Break #6
67. Diggers Union Local 1200- Wise Words (Outro)

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some ol shit but its straight

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4 The DJ's

Damn, somebody went diggin' in some crates for real! This is some true DJ shit. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...