DJ Bedz - War @ 33 1/3 (Hosted By Public Enemy)

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1. War @ 33 1/3 DJ Bedz Intro / Here We Go Again
2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
3. Self Destruction
4. Shake Your Booty
5. Cold Lampin’ With Flavor
6. Lost At Birth
7. Kevorkian
8. Welcome To The Terrordome
9. 1 Million Bottlebags
10. B Side Wins Again
11. Col Leepin’
12. Revolutionary Generation
13. Whole Lotta Love Goin’ On In The Middle Of Hell
14. Power To The People
15. Burn Hollywood Burn
16. Bring The Noise
17. Bring The Noise (Remix)
18. Can’t Do Nothin’ For Ya Man
19. Caught, Can I Get A Witness?
20. Who Stole The Soul?
21. Race Against Time
22. War @ 33 1/3
23. Endangered Species (Tales From The Darkside)
24. They Call Me Flavor
25. Party For Your Right To Fight
26. Move!
28. Nighttrain
29. Fight The Power
30. Night Of The Living Baseheads
31. A Letter To The New York Post
32. Too Much Posse
33. 911 Is A Joke
34. Livin’ In A Zoo
35. Rebirth Of A Nation
36. Rebirth
37. You’re Gonna Get Yours
38. Harder Than You Think
39. Hazy Shade Of Criminal
40. What Side You On?
41. Can’t Trust It
42. Revolverlution
43. Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
44. Buck Whylin’
45. Fear Of A Black Planet
46. Check What You’re Listening To
47. Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
48. Prophets Of Rage
49. VH1 Behind The Music Part I

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Bedz is killin it with the old school shit right now. 1st DU & now this? Thanks man.

Thank you J as always for

Thank you J as always for the help on the upload, here's the direct download link if you guys need it: Volume 2 is coming next week!!! Keep meaningful hip-hop alive!