The Empire & Big Boss E - Grape Jelly Hoe

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01. Wat Im Talkin Bout
02. So Stunny
03. Throw It Back
04. Fat Boy
05. Bossalini
06. Dats Me Ft.Ricki Li
07. Creed Cologne
08. Licky Licky
09. RollCall
10. Smoke N Da Wind
11. Fuck Wit Me
12. D-Boy
13. Watch Ya Self
14. Fuck How U Feel
15. 2Morrow

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Swag Meter Up Fly Away

This dat fly boy stuntin shit, broke niggaz wont understand. BITCHES SMELL MONEY SO STUNNY!!!! $$ If u knew betta ud do betta. FUC A HATA $$
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My Bad!!!!!!!

After the kush and syrup fade away this got deleted from my ipod. decent beats just not my steez. $$ If u knew betta ud do betta. FUC A HATA $$


Exactly, not just "broke niggaz wont understand", that's stupid. You can be broke but still smart.