The Pimp & The Bun (UGK Rarities)


1. Intro (off UGK’s Banned EP)
2. Family Affair (off Cash Money’s Baller Blockin Soundtrack)
3. You Don’t Know Me (off UGK’s Cassette Edition of Ridin’ Dirty)
4. Pocket Full Of Stones Remix (off Menace II Society Soundtrack)
5. Live Wires Connect featuring Keith Murray & Lord Jamar (off Don’t Be A Menace… Soundtrack)
6. HiSide (off E-40 & B-Legit’s Southwest Riders Compilation)
7. Ain’t That a Bitch (Ask Yourself) featuring Devin The Dude (Original Explicit Version, Edited Version Appears On All Copies of UGK’s Dirty Money)
8. Playaz From The South featuring Master P & Silkk The Shocker (off No Limit’s Down South Hustlers Compilation)
9. Texas featuring Ron C, Ganksta C & DJ Bird (off Use Me Up 12” Single)
10. Tossed Up featuring Young Smitty (off No Limit’s Mean Green Presents Major Players Compilation)
11. Belts To Match featuring Young Smitty & Sonji (off The Wood Soundtrack)
12. My Bitch featuring MDDL FNGZ (off MDDL FNGZ’s Trouble, Originally Recorded For Ridin Dirty)
13. Meal Ticket (feat Eightball, MJG & Master P) (off No Limit’s I’m Bout It Soundtrack)
14. Country Star (off Greg Street’s Six O’clock Vol. 1)
15. Southern Sound (Unreleased Ridin Dirty Leftover, Used To Create “7th St.” & “Texas Ave.” On UGK 4 Life)

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Got some classics on here, that nigga Bun gonna be bringin his A game for the nigga Pimp R.I.P Pimp C -I'd Rather Bang Screw-
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Yea its a nice lil list of

Yea its a nice lil list of classics... better than most new shit out these days-FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING-MONEY OVER EVERYTHING ELSE
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I Miss Ray Cash I don't know

I Miss Ray Cash I don't know that this is really all that rare, the only one I can't grab out my cd books right now is the last song. Plus Kevin Nottingham charges for reviews on his site, so fuck him!
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I Miss Ray Cash, plus the

I Miss Ray Cash, plus the Ain't That A Bitch Dirty was on the BMG record club and Sam Goody edition.
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Good mix

Good mix
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ugk always worth the dl

now if only i can find the southern way tape.....
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I Miss Ray Cash

I Miss Ray Cash
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Awready mayne!

If you dont have this trackz by now you need to DL this ASAP!!! This some classic UGK 4 ya mindz bitch!.... RIP PIMC C!!!... UGK 4 LIFE!!!
mynameisqiana wrote:
now if only i can find the southern way tape.....
Right here momma>>
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for the link. i need the actual tape and its so so hard to find......maybe one day
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I Miss Ray Cash you can get

I Miss Ray Cash you can get the actual cd at
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Auto Download 1000/100 !!!!

Dis Shit Right Here Is 4 Tha Realest Niggaz Mayne,Real Talk, R.I.P. Pimp C We Poe 4 Ya Mayne, Real Talk. Underground Kingz 4 LIFE,tatted in Blood. -[[real recognize nutz, no glory]]-
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yh i wouldnt say too rare

yh i wouldnt say too rare but this is a pretty good mix...
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hell yea

hell yea
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imma check this out looks like some classic verse on here, but yo if yall havent heard that banned ep by ugk...need to get that shit its raw...raw im telln you.....
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Man just dont play that shit around pregnat bitchez cause they will chop your head off!!! They didnt titled that shit "BANNED" for nothing.... hahaha!!
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haha me and my nigs be on that shit, smoking and dranks you know.....
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Be glad you didnt come for

Be glad you didnt come for music fest last night, first it got pushed back 4 hours due to flooding downtown and then at like 10:30 last night there was a funnel cloud that dropped a tornado in Arkansas that was crossing the river aimed right at downtown so they made everybody leave music fest and find shelter. but anybody thats lived in Memphis knows tornados cant cross the Mississippi river and come right back down, they always bounce and land again out east somewhere, but there was like 250 lightining strikes a minute in it. But today its back on, they might let the acts that didnt get to play last night play today
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no shit you

no shit? you was down town when that tunnel come down? that shit was nasty i bet i heard places like little rock got it a lil my kinfolks was telln me bout the floods in memphis, and i think nashville got some im glad i didnt come down but i will be down
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I was proud of Memphis, I

I was proud of Memphis, I mean you could see it coming from Arkansas with the lightining it looked like a war coming, so I knew they were about to shut it down so we started leaving, and when they told everybody to leave it didnt get ugly at all, people just walked calmly and left. I tried to go see this girl that lives out in Shelby Forrest but all the roads to her house were flooded, they got it bad in Millington they had to evac the Navy Base too. Shit these past two weekends have been a bitch as far as weather goes, yall heard bout Yazoo City Mississippi last weekend, that tornado was a mile wide at the ground, a fuckin MILE wide at the ground, Ive seen plenty of tornado damage in my life but its never more that a 100 feet wide when its on the ground, a mile wide is fuckin unbelieveable
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Man I still cant believe

Man I still cant believe Pimp C is dead....damn....RIP...with all due respect to Outkast, UGK is the greatest rap duo EVER!!! (How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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Yall dont forget to pick

Yall dont forget to pick this one up to..
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Good swanging tape

Good tape to ride and smoke some LOUD 2. Now if only the cops get of every coner on the blv.
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Underground Kingz!

This shit never gets old. Props to that nigga Bun for holding it down on his solo career. POP IT 4 PIMP!!


I have learned more from UGK than I have from my own father...R.I.P Pimp C
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King Chaz wrote:
I have learned more from UGK than I have from my own father...R.I.P Pimp C
yea Pimp C teaches the "birds and the bees" like no other LOL DL this just becuz its UGK its fire

I cant WAIT to listen to

I cant WAIT to listen to this!!! Just waitin to play it in a better system. anyway, RIP PIMP C man do yall even know what the was tryin ta say? Do you know the bigger picture here, its not just about music brav. I suggest any REAL PERSON check out what the hell pimp c was trying ta say, and why THEY popped him. Just like the other greats ---- I'm lookin' for some HTown beats that hard gangsta shiz bumpworthy please no smooth booty makin' beats. Private message me if you got some. ----
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wow they didn't "pop" him. he overdosed on promethazine and codeine cough syrup coupled with a preexisting sleep apnea condition

youre wrong

Nah bro check out the REAL story, some unknown bitch was in his hotel room the nite before and he DIED MYSTERIOUSLY. Screw died of the O.D. (Which I am still fishy about muhself) so yeah before you come up in here tryin ta tell meh some shiz go do yo damn research! ---- I'm lookin' for some HTown beats that hard gangsta shiz bumpworthy please no smooth booty makin' beats. Private message me if you got some. ----
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man i did my research. jus

man i did my research. jus shut up and stop tryin to school me on da internet, and drop it. Long live da pimp, that's it

lookin' boy

Pshaw man had you done yo research you woulda already known what Im sayin'! and im tryin ta school ya cause its some deep shit pimp was sayin'. all bout them batty boys, the FAKE southern take over (that we are currently in the middle of) and east coast peeps tryin ta say they south! man bro if you even from texas then you understand. if not, just pass on by and keep rip'n someone you know next to nothing about their message.
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aight fuck it w/e. U think

aight fuck it w/e. U think what you think, and i'll think what i think. It's koo. Not like this shit affects out life. Like i said R.I.P Pimp C, to me Bun B aint the same without him =/

das right

Sometimes you boys just needa step down. you aint the only folks be knowin somethin bout this scene.

one more thing

and, you are wrong when you say this shit dont affect life. It does for folks who wanna come up in this rap game, but cant becuase shit thas underground is suppressed. turn on the radio, what you hear? PLayed out BS or somethin real? is gonna be the first one. Turn on the TV what you see? go to the record store what they sellin'? I would say life is affected in a big way. So, you wanna buy a mixtape? go to the local Shell station man, I would say that affects life in that you gotta go to a damned gas station to get some local music and we cant get no big exposure cause we aint runnin with them millionaire hater poser crews. now im hearin miztapes where Miami cats sayin they dirty south. NAH FOOL YOU EAST COAST!!
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god damn, i doubt hardly

god damn, i doubt hardly ANYBODY has even HALF these songs.. I haven't even heard a majority of them, and i've been a UGK fan for a very long time.. If you even "KINDA" down with ugk, fuckin DL this
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R.I.P Pimp C

this is some of the best southern music. prolly the best group to come out of the south. Pimp C is still missed up here. R.I.P my fellow pimp