T.I. - Back For The First Time



1. Welcome Back Intro
2. I'm Back
3. Big Boi Shit
4. Usher Shit
5. Usher Shit In My Bag
6. Jacquez Must Be Crazy
7. Hell Of A Life
8.Let Em Talk
9. Swagger Part 2
10. U Had It All Feat Chrishan
11. Track 11
12. Way That U Want It W Red Cafe
13. Turnin Me On W Keri Hilson
14. Daydreaming Feat Dj Drama
15. Lovin You Long Time W Mariah Carey
16. Just Like Me W Jaimee Foxx
17. Why You Wanna
18. Remember Me Feat Mary J Blige
19. Welcome Back Outro

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wow, this is a surprise. i'll give it a listen. shout out to my boys dninc, bole, yung screw, and chop76. u guys post on all the mixtapes i check out and i appreciate ur comments, peace
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Im trying to give it a

Im trying to give it a listen too but only 1 seeder shits taking forever, I cant tell how many of these are new songs but knowing these djs there all renamed songs with 2 new ones thrown in
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Agreed. I don't listen to half the shit on here, but y'all do and it's appreciated. Bahaha plus without screw this site wouldn't be half as entertaining. Ah. almost forgot. no homo. Speaking of homos, what ever happened to geyhar? That kid was hilarious. "I'm never gonna comment again..."


nigga is wack from head to toe. my 3 year old stepsis has more swag that this dude. though after gettin outta jail this nigga would pick his game up and drop atleat one hard mixtape.....guess not 2/10

The King Back!!!

TI.... The Real King Of The South... real talk... homie is too ill!!!
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Is this official???
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I doubt it, there would be

I doubt it, there would be some hype before he drops anything new from Grant Hustle
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Yeah thats what i was thinking. Has he put out anything official since he got out?? I kinda lost track of this dude with all the new shit thats been droppin lately.
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its not official

but a good mix tho alot of remix... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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Not sure

I THINK he dropped a single off pf his newest mixtape comin out, but idk.

i bet u go harder than u did

i bet u go harder than u did before. keep it up
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LOL :)

LOL Smiley Face Moment ^^^^ ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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AtlantaNightmare wrote:
LOL Smiley Face Moment ^^^^ ~W1nt3r 1c3~

not quite it

I listened to the mix tape, but I wasn’t impressed. I was looking for TI to come out hard like he did in my favorite albums “I’m Serious” and “King”. But he didn’t go hard at all… He’s showing a softer side that I really don’t like. I would have expected to find this mix tape in the R&B category. Lol! Just playing. But this is really a mix tape I wish I hadn’t down loaded. I’m really not feeling it.----Trill Talk----


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King this and that..

There's just too many better kats out there to claim one king, T.I is claiming the label because Luke gave him the label, Luke held that title for a good min because his shit was the most listened to and most well known throughout the south.. Jay Electronica is the best Lyricist in the entire South but he's not even signed to a label yet and haven't released any high selling albums, call it under rated i call it bad self marketing..
But i guess being considered King you have to be consistent and constantly own record sales in your genre when you drop somethin.. at the Moment only one nigga is doing that in the south and it's Lil Wayne, as much as most of us hate to admit it especially his haters, the dude Buzz, Epic record sales, world wide status don't lie, no one else in the south is touching it right now.. hell his shitty ass Rock experimental bullshit album sold more than half of the most well known high profile artist out of the south at Snaggin gold status in 2 weeks.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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I'm not gonna bring up the

I'm not gonna bring up the phone call between TI and Scarface like 5-6 years ago during the lil flip - ti beef, and as far as outkast, outkast is the most dominant duo in the history of rap music not the "King" of the south being as that would be one person. i have to agree with wayne being the most sellinist most mixtape droppinist x pill droppinist pill poppinist nigga out the south Right Now... but cunninlynguists and jay electronica are outstandingly lyrical, but aint no ONE nigga king of the WHOLE south, cuz its niggas that get better sales than wayne in different regions ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Yeah but..

Yeah but Outkast is Debunk now, they've done nothing in the past decade or so, we can't keep holding on to the past, Outkast was a great duo back in the day, now they're gone..
So we can no longer say outkast "IS" the best of anything right now, they "were" the best or allegedly the best, im sure there were other Duo's that were better but didn't get as much airtime, once you get into white kids car's and turn super commercial especially earlier in those days when Rap was still finding it's way, your destined to grow, Outkast used something that was familiar to White kids but was new to most black kids that was a good formula to win both audiences, (Drum & Bass) their beats were pure Drum & Bass, and had other elements of Electronica in it.
so they grabbed a diverse audience and grew outta control and did it in perfect timing, now if they tried that i don't think it'll work because everybody has used it now.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]

I read somewhere that Andre

I read somewhere that Andre and Big Boi are coming out with solo albums the first half of the year and then most likely an Outkast album the second half of the year.
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http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhCmAG5OeZ86vhNrGr outkast doing some solo projects here is a video big boi got out.... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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Impecable reply

true but the key counterpoint i was making is the "IN HISTORY" part, you're exactly right on the if they did it now it would be an epic fail part, but i think what outkast did best was that they started in 94 with alot of GANGSTA hip hop in it then faded it into Chonkyfire aqemini blend then went full circle with the funkdafied ATLIEN movement then pushed the stankonia circus act and went mainstream with the Double solo LP's that they dropped (Speakerboxx and The Love below) i did dig the movie's soundtrack shit was bangin... but as far as currently they will need to do something wild to get some good playtime, and as far as Big Boi new album i wouldnt be suprised if it barely makes gold but i will buy it and not download it and will be against downloaders because i support their movements ... but thats me ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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yeah me

Yeah i'll be in line to buy anything Outkast puts out but thats just me, i was in the era when they were hot so i kinda rely on them put out some quality shit, if its shitty, oh well, still gone support em.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]

What? Whole'Up

(2003) Speakerboxxx/ Love Below (2006) Idlewild sountrack/ movie, Fuck outta'ere you sound like an idiot. "...and I'm still high from yesterday "
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It's 2010.... Speakerboxx is nearly 10 years old. Idlewild gettin up there as well, but i guess a 5-8 year gap is considered new to some nigga'z who knows.. i don't anybody thats still bumpin any of those songs off of any of those albums, not denying they are classics, Old and played out is whats the discussion is, but i guess you waited for that discussion to get old so you could jump on ya soapbox and have ya lil moment. you can get back on now..
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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i'm saying that was their

i'm saying that was their transition into "Major Market" hip hop i'm in no way saying they are new.....but then again alot is new to me i've been in and out of iraq for the past 4 years, the army kind of hinders my ability to keep up on my hip hop knowledge, but thats the point i'm making they havent put anything out in a hot second...i was a bigger fan of the idlewild soundtrack than i was of the love below and speakerboxx (it just seemed too mainstreamy and not outkast like) ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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i admit lil wayne sales r

i admit lil wayne sales r off the charts but as usual people 4get about luda also puts up hella numbers on his albums andgets heavy mixtape downloads and he is always 4gottin.like i forgot wat website its was but they had the top 50 mc's of all-time and luda wasnt on there but ppl like royce da 5'9,biz markie and etc. where in there.scarface is my favorite rapper but i will always vouch for luda cause hands down he is one the sickest outta the souf ....nuff said>

you can get .nada

on to the next one.this nigga should just chill and relax and let other niggas shine for a bit,this dude got feds watching him,fuck he gonna rap about rite now being gangsta?he gonna be the new chris brown without singing
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lol why ask if this is official?

um, read the track list & look at #17. think somethin 4 years old is official? people do this on almost every tape from somebody who either been locked up or been out the game for a while. inform yaself before askin lol ; besides that tape is old, only a few new drops. not worth a dl if you been up on ti...
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Fuck T.I. Rattin ass. I rode

Fuck T.I. Rattin ass. I rode with this nigga all the way up to this rattin shit. I mean as far as rap go he was ill, but come on whats he gonna rap bout now? Who really gonna take him as authentic unless he makes redemption songs and I aint checkin for that shit! If the King Of The South is a snitch, then whats that say about the south? Im not gonna argue his case here,any body that been in the system knows his sentence was unheard of (Ask Lil Wayne whos serving the SAME sentence for 1 gun!)and that can only be the result of a flip, I mean damn his case was the offspring of a flipped informant! Niggas everywhere should shun this fraud ass nigga. Niggaz went hard on Officer Ricky, why C.I. get a pass?
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First off old golf check

First off old golf check dollar bill rockin ass i coulda swore rick ross worked as a corrections officer not a full on cop....that nigga worked in a jail...not the best choices of jobs to be a "Gangsta Rapper" but pretty fuckin dangerous while you hating...and second im pretty sure theres been historically some snitches that have put in mad work...dont get me wrong i aint condoning tattle tale ass niggas but you a travis porter school of drama ass nigga... ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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I never said Ricky was

I never said Ricky was Police, I know A C.O. from Police, they both PIGS in my book. Officer & Overseer. ANYWAY I choose not to fuck with a snitch MY CHOICE! You followin me like Twitter talking bout Travis Porter, I WAS BEING SARCASTIC when I said I was waitin on Travis Porter,you too stuck to figure that out. You right some cats have probably told in the game....but this is a clear case...1+1=2 all day! Not once did I disrespect ya Mr. Nightmare, but I touch down in The A,in about 3-4 hours. Got Math we can chop it up, if not stay in ya lane cuz!
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APT C Bankhead CT, GA 30318

APT C Bankhead CT, GA 30318 my nigga if you goin to hartsfield take the Highway 6 west to 285 north my nigga, then head left onto the Donald Lee Holowell and head out to bankhead courts my nigga look for the black BMW 530 my nigga we can chop it up like some lumberjacks "PAHNTAH" ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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LOL :)

please dont play your e-thug role no more and be talmbout comin to see a nigga if you aint willin to do it, ole mark ass internet gangsta.....talmbout twitter heres a trend #Killyoself....another LOL Smiley Face moment on Mixtape Torrent.....By the way whats up with that new DRO "Freeze Me" track....i think dro is one of the more lyrical atlanta rappers as of late ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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AtlantaNightmare wrote:
we can chop it up like some lumberjacks
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Like Dro said "Man i'm Trap nigga to the core core core! We keep all our ak at the door door door!" ....that nigga aint want it wit me...ole flossin ass i wanna be bad on Mixtape Torrent ass KY jelly packin ass ole i wanna floss and not be bout what im talmbout ass nigga....BACK TO THE MIXTAPES!....looks like torrent had a lil package fulla tapes ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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You's A Fraud Son Not Seen

You's A Fraud Son Not Seen Or Heard Of...I Feel You Son. Do Ya Comment Killa Thing. Im Still Out Ya Way For A Day. Then Its To KC, Then back To Phoenix. Do Ya Mixtape Thang Killa! Just Say "Twice Dead" In Ya Hood If You Wanna Know Bout Me!
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My Nigga wasnt your lil

My Nigga wasnt your lil supersized monopoly money holdin ass rockin blue previously but now all the sudden you rockin all read with red flags everywhere ole flaw ass fake ass "YOUR A FRAUD SON" my nigga i was kickin it on the stairs all day wit my homeboy wit a video camera waitin...talmbout i'm a fraud? nigga go be an E-Thug somewhere else ole bookie ass nigga ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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oh and by the way you flaw

oh and by the way you flaw ass nigga you aint step foot in the A ole bean burrito pinche joto ass fake ass E-BLOOD kick that shit to the curb my nigga and do us a favor and #DrinkBleach and ima man up and say "PLEASE" stop with your attempts at callin someone out over the net since you aint gonna show up... play your position and dont cause me to keep typing on this same played out ass TI mixtape ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Check This...Imma grown Ass

Check This...Imma grown Ass Man. You can fake & Front all day, but WE know what it is. I dont know what ya talking bout with that color shit, we been off that shit. So I had on blue big deal. The fact remain the same T.I. Is a SNITCH & you lame for supporting SNITCHIN! I told you mention Twice Dead and the real niggaz'll fill you in. Scary ass talkin bout dont threaten him, you apparently aint familiar with the term "Chop It Up'....Lemon Lame!
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i told you already i didnt

i told you already i didnt condone tattle tale ass niggas while you talkin sideways out the side of ya neck, and i aint got to ask about no "TWICE DEAD" because my nigga you aint "BOUT IT BOUT IT" but you can floss like you touched down in the city where i lay my head at night peacefully but FACT- You bitch made like puppies on the nipples of a mutt FACT- if you was as GROWN as you talmbout you wouldnt sit up on here talmbout you gonna touchdown in the A in a couple hours, "we can chop it up" but dont even come visit a nigga, so WE really do know what it is.... ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Peer Pressure wrote:
So I had on blue big deal.
Who this clown think he iz Lil' Wayne?? Nigga reps Damu but he wears flue??? GTFOH!!! LMAO! Punk azz wigga e-thugz get no respect here! Keep that shit on the street lil homie cause aroun here you just goin to get loughed at!
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por que?

i'm tellin you homie Mixtape Torrent full of LOL SMILEY FACE ass niggas ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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we #1

mixtapetorrent we #1 fuck all them dead ass other sites.... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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i think the only other site i truely fuck with is HotNewHipHop and thats only for the singles, they be on some boogie ass tapes, but i really do value a few niggas comments on here (NO HOMO), but it do be alotta fuck niggas on here kinfolk ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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i get

ya i get what you sayn tho there is some fuck niggas on here tho....ONE... -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-

I Wanna Fight This Nigga

Why? Because I know your a bitch, you deserve to be shot. "...and I'm still high from yesterday "

2 the lame ass nigga in red

Quit stuntin like you really got clout, we know your not a real blood so take your mamas menstrated draws from around your mouth. You bitch ass, cracka ass, hoe cake ass, nigga!!! "...and I'm still high from yesterday "
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Whos repping Damu? Im Crip

Whos repping Damu? Im Crip Nor Blood...Motherfuckaz Im Me! I can wear what the fuck I wanna wear, you homos keep ya killa comments cause aint none of yall killin shit. Download ya free tapes and slide! First you analyze mens faces then their dress code....and support SNITCHIN...Homo ass niggaz. No More comments! Yung Screw - EAT A DICK UP TILL YOU HICCUP! Wasnt even on you now you can fall neck first onto a sharp object
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??Jamie Kennedy??

      [- Avoid the ignorance -]

LMFAO , Look At This Nigga!

I wish I could jus reach out and slap the livin shit outta yo mama for allowing you to watch BET and allowin "this shit" (your picture) to get out of hand! "...and I'm still high from yesterday "