T.I. - Official White Label


1. Topless
2. Missing Me
3. Better Than This
4. Collect Call
5. Feeling You
6. Forever
7. Nuttin' For Me
8. Hero
9. Rydin'
10. Message To the Govt.
11. Glocks and Nines
12. Like I Do
13. Super Fresh
14. Tell Nobody
15. Iced Out
16. Perfect Timing
17. Clubbin'
18. Can't Help It
19. No Sweat
20. They Call Me
21. The Life
22. Whateva You Like (Remix)
23. Pimped Out
24. Pop Off
25. Throw Ya Hands Up
26. Ain' I (Remix)
27. G'z On Deck

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i've heard most of them, theres probably 15 or so new songs
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Pretty damn good mixtape.. No Bullshit Drops and yelling on it.. And T.I. is one of very few artist i actually listen to from the A.
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"a year and a day" for 5 felony charges?!?!?!?

T.I. promotes snitchin' and calls it community service LOL, i "USED" to fuck wit this guy, cant fuck wit a dude that makes 1-800-crime-stopper commercials haha, no way jose! this nigga is the PHONY, FAKE, FUGASIE type haha!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oeh3ivWutyY and this is how i feel... check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeWZ1JjHgWs
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i see yu still yo funny self

Tape is good. I got every single track on this but they had the DJ on em. Im glad they put this out, even tho some of tha tracks run together & some of em aint full. I like how they claim its "unreleased" & "unheard" music lol 3/5 ; lmao jus like wit tha superbowl here yu go again talkin shit. if yu "used" to fuck wit him then why yu even click the mixtape?? obviously yu fuck wit him enough to come on here & talk. & i LOVE how REAL & GANGSTA yu try to act when you do this public dis shit but when the pm`s start comin in yu fall back. if you got other shit to say hit me up in a pm. i`ll be glad to shut yu up again haha... rap - lies = hiphop | real eyes recognize real lies

go start a fucking blog

if you wanna talk about your bitch emotions.

who cares

you guys kill me with this snitchin bull. who gives a fuck. music is music. you got to be a young cat. i dont care if he work for the cia, if he put that good shit who cares.

You're a Fucking Moron

OJ Simpson KILLED A BITCH and got away with it. That's what happens with celebrities. Snitchin'? What the fuck does your bootleg selling ass know about snitches? You said it yourself, you're not on the block. You're not from the hood. You run a bump ass eBay "business" and don't get down with people from the block. If ANYONE is fake. It's you. PS-- PLEASE, oh please, post your social security number on this site again.
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Gotta agree with the rest my dude!

JayJayGemini wrote:
T.I. promotes snitchin' and calls it community service LOL, i "USED" to fuck wit this guy, cant fuck wit a dude that makes 1-800-crime-stopper commercials haha, no way jose! this nigga is the PHONY, FAKE, FUGASIE type haha!!!
Yeah sorry bruh to rub it in but i got to agree with everybody else on here, you gotta grow up, "Snitchin is bad because a rapper in a song told me so" is a lil immature, No one cares about snitches, im here because i like a particular Artist and i want to hear more of their Mixtape Music without giving money to these Bunk ass DJ's. Besides, This is Community Service for T.I. and he Failed to comply so he's going back to Prison, i don't know all the details but if he violated by not doing all of his community service which included mentoring and doing crime stopper ad's then he need to finish paying his debt to society for doing Illegal shit. He failed in life legally and he apparently didn't learn his lesson so he gotta go through the system with the rest of the stupid mothafucka's and risk being somebody bitch like Gucci was. I'll continue to listen to T.I. Music because i like his flow, he got good Lyrics and i like some of the good production he gets done on it, he's one of few that aint totally into that typical Overly Dramatized Orchestra Crunk shit that most ATL Producers have moved to.. I wish Outkast would do some new shit, They one of my Favorite all around Artist, you don't see much of their shit here, thats quality music right there, that trap and crunk shit got old the first day i heard it in the club, now i gotta hear this shit everyday out here in Tampa, fl everytime some kat just now catch on to OJ da Juiceman and Gucci until they get worn out on it too "ugh" sigh.
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Always speaking on something sombody else doing,"he doin crime stopper commercials" so the fuck what... what hood credibility do you have to question, or even speak on that man. you should be glad he doin them commercials maybe it will save your bitch ass one day, whatever however, whenever you hate on your own people then your hood pass needs 2 b revoked !!!! and you reporting what you heard or saw to people on the net why??? u bitchmade why since you so hood and real you aint confront T.I.??? u bitchmade and why are complaining about it on the net ???? u bitchmade KEEP IT 100

the king strikes again

ti is one of the best rappers in the south http://thebiznizz.wordpress.com
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Good album

This is a good album.
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I know its not relevant to

I know its not relevant to this tape but does anybody know what type of shoes T.I. is wearing in the "the reckoning" interview. With the all black akoo shirt. They are black but I can’t figure out what they are.
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oh yea

about the tape- the only songs I don't remember already hearing are 11,18,24,25 but I probably just forgot about them everything else is old and good but not official album quality. And bout T.I., I dont kno him or know if he snitched or not but either way I still like the way he raps and the music he makes. I dont listen to rap cause I like or want to be like the rappers, it just sounds good to me and I respect the skill it takes.