Papoose - Victory 2007 (Prod. By Scott Storch)

Radio rip so the quality is shit

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i dont even want to listen

i dont even want to listen to this if its shit quality cause i know this is probably fuckin crazy, cant wait to see this on mixtapes


The quality is alright. But they fucking restart the song three times before it plays through i hate when DJ's do that. Pap killed it tho.

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yea da ending is sick wit it until dey cut it off i cant wait 4 a new pap mixtape. i hope he still gon come wit da mixtape game after his album.

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i just found dis out now cuz i was missin acouple pap mixtapes there is a site n u can dl every pap mixtape n has new pap trax 2 its pimp!

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man i cant wait

man...following papoose all these years has made it worth while i see....i cant wait for nacirema..May 1st....2007 will be a great year....this song is fire