St. Laz - Blue Skies (The Hood Album)

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Hit the break to watch the music video for track #14 I Can't Take It

1. (00:03:53) St. Laz - Rest My Head (Prod. By Kimbo Hareez)
2. (00:02:47) St. Laz & Opium - Sheet Rock (Prod. By DJ Relic)
3. (00:02:35) St. Laz - Welfare (Feat. Opium) (Prod. By Rugged One)
4. (00:03:51) St. Laz - Blue Skies (Prod. By Hareez)
5. (00:04:11) St. Laz - The Machine (Prod. By Nemisis)
6. (00:02:32) St. Laz - Nothings Right (Prod. By Ranks)
7. (00:02:46) St. Laz - Child Of The Streets (Prod. By Dr.G)
8. (00:02:40) St. Laz - Ville Shit (Feat. Agallah) (Prod. By DJ Premiere)
9. (00:03:20) St. Laz - Welcome Back To NYC (Feat. Don Ladyii AKA Tish Da Boss Ladyii) (Prod. By Dr.G)
10. (00:02:37) St. Laz & The Boy Bucka - All About My Cake (Prod. By Paramount)
11. (00:02:24) St. Laz & Majesty Mell - Liking The Numbers (Prod. By Harry Fraud)
12. (00:03:00) St. Laz - Git It Jumpin' (Prod. By YD)
13. (00:02:26) St. Laz & Mailman - Givin' Me Nothin (Prod. By DRG)
14. (00:04:09) St. Laz & Sultano - I Can't Take It (Prod. By Tony Danza)
15. (00:03:41) St. Laz - The Cross I Bare (Prod. By Got Beats For Another Grind Ent)

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yeanukka's picture

damn son, pottersfield

damn son, pottersfield niggas puttin that work in. just some niggas chasin the dream. niggas need to support this shit..not that hip-pop shit.
gandhi142's picture

dis feel like dat good 90's

dis feel like dat good 90's shit!AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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this shit is fire.. dont

this shit is fire.. dont sleep, this that real ny rap