DJ Benzi & Evil Empire Present Lil' Wayne: None Higher (We Got The Remix Special Edition)

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* Shit Is Only 1 File And Had No Cue File But It's Fire So Enjoy *

01. Raj Smoove - Introduction
02. Holler (Mr JPatt Remix)
03. Dope Man (Ft. Birdman) (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
04. Grey Goose (Ft. Yo Gotti) (Diplo Remix)
05. Oh Yeah (Ft. Chubbie Baby)
06. Bring It Back (Ft. Mannie Fresh) (Les Biches Remix)
07. Heard of That (Ft. Jay-Z) (Neptunes Remix)
08. Don’t Trip (The Stylusts Remix)
09. Down & Out (Ft. Brisco)
10. 88 Shots (Ft. Robin Thicke) (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
11. I Won’t Budge (Mr JPatt Remix)
12. Money in My Pocket (Ft. Clipse) (Benzi Refix)
13. Pro in the Game (Curtis Vodka Remix)
14. Get Ya Money (Ft. Currensy) (The Amps Remix)
15. Diamonds (Ft. Fabolous) (Remix)
16. Git Busy (Ft. Fam-Lay) (Neptunes Remix)
17. Life (Ft. Birdman) (Mighty Mi Remix)
18. South Musik (Produced by Jazze Pha)
19. Imagine (Produced by Trackmasters)
20. Lay My Organz Down (Ft. Young Money All-Stars)
21. Laced Up (Ft. Currensy)
22. Jack the Ripper (Mr JPatt Remix)
23. Maneater (Timbaland Remix)
24. Colors (Ft. Sean Kingston & Kardinal Offishall) (Benzi Refix)
25. Monster (Produced by David Banner)
26. Fireman So Cold (A-Trak Remix)
27. Ghetto Story (Remix)
28. What I’m Doin (Ft. T-Pain & Rick Ross) (Benzi Refix)
29. Whip Game Proper (Ft. Joe Budden) (Remix)
30. Sun Stuntin (ft. Birdman) (DJ Amaze & A Remix)
31. Gone Bad (Ft. Devin the Dude & Bun B) (Mr JPatt Remix)
32. Outroduction

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dope beats

real nice mang thanxs flow god
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WORD REMIXES!!!!!! remixes are hot right now, and this will be another good tape for my weezy collection(yes I have a Wayne collection, everybody laugh). But I gotta give credit and respect where it's deserved. FLOWGOD, YOU UP SOME FIRE TAPES HOMIE! Keep em comin and thnk you very much bro.
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Thnx Bro
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this aint workin fo me iunno i aint no computa wiz kid or nuttin but it jus aint if yall can help id appreciate it

tested, it works

tested, it works
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mfizzel wrote:
tested, it works
trust me it aint workin

then check our download

then check our download guide, you must not know what ur doing - theres over 300 seeds and over 400 peers i just downloaded it myself, it works 100%
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Having similar problem, the

Having similar problem, the file is there but the folder says it's empty. Great up's Flow...and a fellow Canadian too. ONE
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same thing with me

Yea they only have two files, the album cover and this oter file thats not working. If anybody could please post a new attachment tat would be helpful.


READ THE DESCRIPTION: * Shit Is Only 1 File And Had No Cue File But It's Fire So Enjoy * The mixtape is only 1 mp3 file, and yes it plays
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Can't u use win rar?wont that seperate it into tracks?

its not a rar file, its a

its not a rar file, its a single mp3 file that plays the entire tape
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i could split this into seperate tracks with protools. if i did that, who would i need to get at to replace it?

try saving directly to c:

thats what worked for me

off topic

this is off topic but when i transfer some of these mixtapes to itunes and change the name they change back to the original name and it makes my itunes unorganized... does anyone know how to get it so the names stay what i change them too
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du....dis fire....thanx
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what program

what program do yall open this file with? what torrent downloader do ya'll use?
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Itiswhatitis...Ya feel

Itiswhatitis...Ya feel me utorrent
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I'm feelin this some shit me

I'm feelin this some shit me and my girls can ride to. Keep doing what you do and keep it comin

mayn im havin the same

mayn im havin the same problem as these other cats, i understand that the cd is all on that one file, but it wont play for me?

plays for me perfectly in

plays for me perfectly in winamp


OK I UNDERSTAND ITS WORKING FOR SOME OF YOU, but not for me. I see the two files in the folder, but the cd wont play. Can anyone help me?
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I can not stop

listening to this. this shit is hot. dj Benzi has got some skills for sure. I am trying to get his other tape from this site, Blackout w-Twista but it is not downloading, if any one has it can you please log on and let me seed.

i kno whats the prob

everyone who can't get it to play..the problem is the filename is too long..try copying it to a different location it will give u an error because ur computer does not support file names that long..i kno no way of renaming with windows because it does not let me...neone can help pls do..also i have found only VLC plays it for me(not itunes WMP or quicktime)

preciate it mayn, its workin

preciate it mayn, its workin with VLC...


will play any file- audio or video.


how do u separate the file into tracks instead of one thing
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* Shit Is Only 1 File And Had No Cue File But It's Fire So Enjoy

I am tryin 2 enjoy but shit wont work ive tried every program and it still wont work im salty, if anyone find a way to make this work that would be buck, maby my shit fucked up.
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I downloaded this when it was posted, Everything worked fine on my first attempt. Firt of all use the recommended program(AZUREUS). I also saved mine to my D: directory. This file has a shitload of seeds and peers for it to download just fine. The file will only be 2 things, one should be an mp3 file of about an hour and ten minutes long, thats is what you want. The file works just fine for me with winamp, media player, acer arcade and also wavepad, and any other media program i can think of. NOW IF YOU STILL HAVE PROBLEMS TRY RE-DOWNLOADING IT!!!! and if it still dont work, MAKE IT YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE

finally some common

finally some common sense! ive been saying all along the tape works perfectly
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Download VLC media player

I was havn the same probs, since dwnlowdn the player; probs over, and plays like a charm

I downloaded the vlc media

I downloaded the vlc media player and it still doesn't work? what do I do now? anyone can troubleshoot or something?
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straight fire

I dont know how you guys are having problems downloading this, it worked perfectly on my first attempt. this shit is straight fire tho. could be better than drought 3 IMHO. only bad thing is how it is one huge track.

Ok i got it to work....the

Ok i got it to work....the new problem how do i burn it i got it working on vlc as far as i know it doesn't burn or does it? i am listening to it right now are all the verses receylced?

its alright most of the

its alright most of the verses were recycled.....where is the new wayne at i need that crack
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Can you please re-download isn't working for me

Lil Wayne:None Higher (split tracks)

so i sat here all night splitting this big-ass file, and i can't upload it to mixfiend. even if i could, Vista won't let me upload on Azureus. so if anyone has cable access, and can upload this to mixfiend, hit me back