DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 19

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01 - intro
02 - 50 cent - thank you
03 - 50 cent - when i get out
04 - 50 cent - heartbeat
05 - 50 cent - dont stop it
06 - 50 cent - ring the bell
07 - 50 cent - speaking on young buck convo
08 - 50 cent - lil wayne diss ??
09 - game - tape convo pt 2 (dissin 50 cent & g unit)
10 - spider loc ft toon - (dissin young buck)
11 - hell rell - a problem
12 - 40 cal - 10 stacks
13 - busta rhymes - blackout
14 - dj doowop - fuck em' dissin lil wayne
15 - nas - association
16 - 50 cent & lloyd banks - we'll scare you
17 - 50 cent - moonman
18 - 50 cent - that girl
19 - 50 cent - this is 4 u
20 - busta rhymes ft reek da villian - bust gunz
21 - lil wayne ft b.g , juvenile & trey songz - hot boyz reunion
22 - lil wayne ft xv - love me baby pt 2
23 - the clipse - fast life
24 - 40 cal - rewind that
25 - d-block - midi mafia you gonna hate me
26 - ll cool j ft alicia keys teenage love 2k8
27 - 50 cent - cruisin'
28 - 50 cent - rising 2 the top

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Haha.. This 50/Buck sh!t is heatin' up.. Is that what's hot right now? Recordin' ya phone convos?

fif is smarter than yall

fif is smarter than yall niggaz think. He always wanted to get rid of Buck, (The Game 300 Bars and Runnin) " fifty heard you on a tour bus and felt ur lil flow, and he made you temporary replacement for yayo".. he got what he wanted yayo's home and the old gunit is bak T.O.S

if you see me in the streets

if you see me in the streets rollin if you see me on tha block holdin if you see me rollin by remember that you dont know me ''bitch niggaz do bitch thangz look at 50 what he does just to get fame record my phone call when i spoke from the heart that was a year ago this was a joke from the start you a hoe and i know the only people who record conversations is 5-0 they die slow see i would go well you gotta chance let a real nigga put a band on your hand understand i dont bite the hand that feeds me but i will bite that hand if it says it dont need me look at yall on tv banks lookin easy if he tell you how he feel this is where he be and they know yayo is stuck in your ahole half you staff only there for your payroll hey tip lay low you aint gotta respond he got the magic stick i got the magic wand im the don


Buck will cut 50, he already sliced dude at the Source Awards on national t.v. and still got away with it. 50 knos not to fuck wit Buck. He was the last hard member they had in G-Unit. I still get 50 his props for his musical talent, but thats as far as that goes.

okay first off incase u

okay first off incase u forgot 50 brought g unit forth and dre is the only reason buck got away with that sh** if bucks outta the g he aint wit dre and just for the record both g-unit and game got new album coming out this whole fued thing is a big promotion game is still under interscope same major label off 50 and 50 is still makin money off of his sales same wit buck so get it right p.s. welcome back to the ol' school 50 we all missed u homie

does whiteowl sleep? is he a

does whiteowl sleep? is he a robot, this dude has a new mix every week. i dont have drop that 18 off my cpu on a cd yet!! and 19 is out damn dude, you the man! drop that 11 is the best yet tho!

Nicca who could he be....

Nicca who could he be.... When in reality.... We DAAA BEESSST!!!! WHO?! WE?!!!
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Just wait til Buck and Game

Just wait til Buck and Game get on they shit together...fuckin murderin fools!
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Thank You Doo Wop!!!

All i gots to say is FINALLY a DJ who has a set of balls is on da scene!!! I been waiting for one of these DJ's to respond to the Wayne diss towards them, I mean Wayne's recent suscess is because of the DJ's who put out a mixtape every 4 hours with him all over it and of course his pretty face on the cover haha. The DJ's built up the hype and thats why his album sales are through the roof, I mean i fucked wit Wayne until I heard that disrespectful shit towards the DJ's, I know it was meant to Evil Empire for leaking his shit from the Careter 2 but he should of said that then not fuck ALL mixtapr DJ's, his head is getting a little to big is what i think. And these DJ's still put him on there album cover and on there CD's, i mean come on.... anyway its good to hear DJ Doo Wop respond to his shit, more should follow!

white owl licked by dogs balls

damn n!gga u dumb all he did was jump from wayne's dick to 50's dick. until white owl promotes his own artists or has a REAL exclusive he just another faggot limewire dj.


rofl...damn straight nigga, man there are some dumb motherfuckers round huh

Djs need to stop puttin

Djs need to stop puttin Wayne on cds hes nice but he gets mad annoyin after a while I had enough already

This looks aiight

Thanks "shoot2kill" for theese White Owl jointz

this shit looks like it may

this shit looks like it may be alright, only a couple lil wayne joints for me to skip

white owl's drop that tapes

white owl's drop that tapes r tha shit!!!! they always new & hot