Yo! MKE Raps


01 Streetz N Young Deuces - Punnish Me Produced By Adlib
02 Scott Knoxx - Lock And Load (Rule # 1) Produced By Animal House
03 Speak Easy - Black 007 Produced By Dave Audiopilot Derrilykt
04 Yo-Dot - Another Level Featuring Prophetic Produced By Adlib
05 Dna - Vinegar Produced By The White Russian
06 Dana Coppafeel - 88 Produced By Smoke
07 Haz Solo And Dylan Thomas - Crills Produced By Dylan Thomas
08 House Of M - Superman Ain't My Name Produced By Trellmatic
09 Kid Millions - Victim To The Beat Produced By Sage Schwarm
10 Jc Poppe - Fonky Stuff Featuring Raze Produced By 88-Keys
11 Frankie Flowers - The Koolness Produced By Klassik
12 Direc And Rtystic - Cyanide Produced By !llmind
13 Ka$h - Real Life Featuring Roni And Prophetic Produced By Dylan Thomas
14 House Of M - Starz @ Nite Produced By Raze
15 Yo-Dot, Haz Solo, Prophetic, Ka$h, Maal, Tay Butler - Blackberries Produced
By Dylan Thomas And Adlib
16 Kinghellbastard - Danger Produced By Reason
17 Fresh Cut Collective - Loveless
18 Melissa Czarnik - Why Was It
19 Pacino - Champion Featuring Ashley Amore Produced By Tone The One

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since nobody has commented

since nobody has commented on this, i'll download it and let you guys know how it is...........Live your motherfucking life. and fuck those haters!...............
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*414 n da bill'din!!*

*414 n da bill'din!!*
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I'm from Milwaukee and havent heard of ANY of these cats...and I stay close to the underground scene as best I can around here...I guess I will have to check this out "Our chronic flaw is partiality of judgement: we exaggerate the wrongs done to ourselves, and underestimate the wrongs we inflict on others" - unknown