Young Dro - I Co-Sign Myself


1. (00:00:36) Young Dro - Dro Speaks (Intro)
2. (00:02:37) Young Dro - What I Do
3. (00:00:40) Young Dro - Popular
4. (00:03:56) Young Dro - Young (Feat. Jose Guapo)
5. (00:03:26) Young Dro - Your Nothing (Feat. Jose Guapo)
6. (00:03:22) Young Dro - Dat Loud
7. (00:00:15) Young Dro - Smoke Break
8. (00:02:46) Young Dro - Polo Down
9. (00:01:19) Young Dro - Cold Blooded
10. (00:02:59) Young Dro - Super Dupper
11. (00:01:30) Young Dro - All White
12. (00:03:11) Young Dro - Sum Bitch
13. (00:02:44) Young Dro - Last Time (Feat. Samiyyah Dixon)
14. (00:04:43) Young Dro - More

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Awful if it came down to buying a loose square or this we smoking the loosey Dro need to stick to his original style, nucca even tried singing wtf!


nucca even tried singing wtf!
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yea, Yung LA fukkd his swag up and pushed Dro 2 tha bakk of tha Grand Hu$tle bus.... *414 n da bill'din!!*
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is this official

is this official
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yea its official

and yung la got dropped from grand hustle, talking to buddy who commented.*Fuck Your Comments*
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Is it that bad?

Man Dro needs to go back to his original style. I loved his first album. It had the beats and the perfect amount of hardcore/laid back tracks. The
    Greg Street mixtape
wasn't THAT bad. It had a few songs I could jam to, I just used them to make a good Dro playlist. I'm going to download and seed anyway just to check it. *Crosses Fingers for No Disappointments.*
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    If DRo wasnt close 2 TI he mighta been gone 2 *414 n da bill'din!!*