Young $avvy - Who Is Young $avvy


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1. Young $avvy - Intro [00:35]
2. Young $avvy - Goin' Off [03:09]
3. Young $avvy - Hpnotic ft. Blo [02:30]
4. Young $avvy - Hpno free [02:30]
5. Young $avvy - Still Fly [02:00]
6. Young $avvy - Do for Love Freestyle [01:26]
7. Young $avvy - Alive ft. Blo & Rell Money [04:05]
8. Young $avvy - Dont Kno Me [03:11]
9. Young $avvy - Hot feat. Rell Money & Blo [04:04]
10. Young $avvy - GiddyUp [03:21]
11. Young $avvy - Leave Wit U [04:07]
12. Young $avvy - Hip Hop [04:06]
13. Young $avvy - Remember Me [03:44]
14. Young $avvy - Outro [01:06]

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It's Good With Me

Keep doing ya thing...this shit hot.
vexed's picture

This came out of no where.

Duke spits pretty damn good on this. Def worth the listen.
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  • PCB,FL.
  • Keep Up.
  • mmh..

    Fucking noobs feeling this shit. Shit is mad suspect if u ask me??
    KushFaceKilla's picture

    this rapiest lookin ass

    dont let this dudes fool u this wack 1 good song
    Danimal101's picture

    so he fooled you into liking

    so he fooled you into liking one song? fagggg
    Danimal101's picture


    so he fooled you into liking one song? fagggg

    ... I know a barber that'll hook this nigga up ...@young_pimpin ...muthafucka

    after this bein the top tape

    Fuck wit tha REAl, Ignore the LAMES, Fuck the FAKE After this bein the top tape dat piff looks really good from this side homie because this nigga i heard him rap on one of them niggaz tapes and guess who he was with? he was on a joint wit fuckin pooh da kid idk that nigga name but anywayz some wack ass nigga and the only reason i copped that shit was because i fuck wit Alley Boy Eldorado red and them other niggaz. this tape get no love
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    Yea who is young savy and

    Yea who is young savy and why is he at the top?
    BarThaRipper's picture

    who is Young $avvy?

    Good question I damn sure couldn't tell you who he is The-Hate-U-Gave-Little-Infants-Fucks-Everybody
    dninc's picture


    Another skater rapper