50 Cent - The Bomb (Dissin' P. Diddy)

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That was funny. It's funny how fif can diss when someone messes with his money.

any one know what the "hip

any one know what the "hip hop" sample is?


sordfish its dead prez
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50 did pretty well

50 did pretty well lyrically with this diss track.

WOW 50 Should get award for da most Dissin

wow 50cent diss every1 u can think of in the rap game foreal shit who else is he going to diss on might be yung joc or rick ross or gotta say da new rapper out in NY Dat rap this why im hott lol
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award for da most Dissin?

have you heard...The truth-papoose? that was...dissful lol... and afroman-whack rappers but that was pure bullshit

Edmund Sosa


50 diss every1

Who the hell does he think he is?He thinks he can fuck with everybody??? Diddy got his ass for sure.
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Thanx Fizz!!!
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i dont get it...

what the hell is goin on with the whole ma$e situation? i thought he was signed to G-unit...so whats 50's beef with diddy?
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Go to

Go to gunitworld.com. Someone posted the whole article there.
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similair situation as with d

similair situation as with d block dude diddy is about his paper man an im sure 50 doesnt like that but dont think diddy is gonna give up money from what he'll make off mase just cause 50 puts out a diss track


ight this shit been crazy since i did a Screwed Verison of this diss so go check it out http://myspace.com/lilkilla727 http://soundclick.com/lilkillaz
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wow, fifty actually came with some shit... this song is actually pretty tight, surprising... too bad he only spits one verse, lazy ass


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Killa or W/E Ya Name is...

You is wack as fuck nigga. period. fah real a nigga need to find suttin else to do. I ain't hatin on you or whateva excuse you wanna come up wit.. You mumble and sound like you 10 son and you tryna be a gangsta ass nigga, that shit ain't poppin. You ain't ridin tha beat wha so eva. You is mo monotone den Al gore.. And I ain't mention tha fact that you is wack as a mafuck. I ain't hear not one even semi decent punchline son.. I heard lil ass girls jump ropin and spittin better den you nigga

killa, that was some of the

killa, that was some of the worst shit ive ever heard in my life

That WAS tha worst shit I

That WAS tha worst shit I eva heard.


well, there goes the g-unit deal for mase lol

Beef is when i murk you on the spot

come on man this shit is wack like a mother fucker, this bitch needs to have a day off...i'm not a big fan of diddy but this shit is plain garbage

uhh yup

wow uhh let me think hmmm tv is to jerry spriger as hiphop is to beef???lol fa reels tho

50 aint got shit on diddy.

50 aint got shit on diddy. He can suck my dic*....actually i wouldnt even give himt he pleasure.


50 cent sucks ass.. all g unit suxs